If you truly believe in crypto it will guaranteed pay off in the long run

You think Crypto is a scam? No? You also see it as digital gold and will always have value? Good ! Because that guarantees you it will go up in price.

Super simple to understand and to proof – ask around and tell me who knows about crypto and who doesn’t. I can already tell the younger generations at least have heard about it – some will tell you more and a few might even own it.

Ask the older generations and you might get lucky with a few that heard about it. In my case ( here in Germany ) I barely know anyone in my age that doesn’t know about crypto. Literally everybody knows it exists, most of them know the meaning / worth behind it and a couple know the details including the tech.

It doesn’t take a mastermind to see that this is automatically good news for the future – it’s just all about the timing when you jump in and when you are willing to take profit.

Worst case scenario is a worldwide government decision against it but that’s nearly as much of a chance as against any investing option that exist out there.

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17 thoughts on “If you truly believe in crypto it will guaranteed pay off in the long run”

  1. Crypto may look like a sure thing now but once the big boom thing hits we will be trading clean water instead of magic internet moneys

  2. Only thing real is what you can hold that cannot be created. Silver, Gold, basically any physical solid asset everything else is speculative. Be safe be careful.

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  4. I look at investing right now like this: there’s a lot of FUD out there right now, both organic and pushed, but you absolutely *need* to have a long term outlook. The market absolutely could turn around soon and it’s good to be realistically optimistic, but the more important thing is to understand that on the other side of the coin, the opposite is just as possible.

    But that said, if something’s half or less of it’s all time high and you have reason to believe it has a good chance of surviving the next bear market whenever it happens, just look at the past cycle high of anything in 2017 and ask yourself how well off you’d be today if you’d invested when it was half of that, for example BTC at 10k. Would it have been better to pick it up closer to 5k? *Absolutely*, but as long as you stay the course and you’re not putting too much in riskier coins that might not make it the next few years, you have an extremely good chance of making out like a bandit.

    In the meantime, staking some of those alts you believe in for interest is fantastic. Worst case we get a virtually certain bear market confirmation, I’m not sweating at all over those coins I have staked if it ends up being a couple years or more before they hit their all time highs again. If you have that long term outlook and you’re sensible with your portfolio allocation, you have nothing to worry about.

  5. To many rich people are involved in crypto for all of it to be outlawed, but we should expect regulations out the wazoo for mainstream adoption to actually occur in defi.

  6. If you think $3T market cap is big, wait till it integrates into the my financial sector and takes over, derivatives alone are valued at over $1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quadrillion dollars).


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