If you think P2P is only limited to Bitcoin, then you’re wrong

We use Peer-to-peer algorithms every day, and every time you use a site on the internet you are using it. To ensure security and authenticity. It is such a powerful tool, albeit yes being limited to the simple hash patterns we use today. With the development of computers, P2P is only ever expanding so, and it will prove to become more complex and safer.

We have already seen a number of use cases and implementations for it, even outside the crypto world, like for example with Librevideo a site that it peer-to-peer for file-sharing, and even a social media tool like Mastodon.

Within the cryptocurrency world, its use cases are only ever expanding ever since the development of the Non-Fungible Token blockchains and is now being studied for monetization. Tokens such as Fetch allow you to monetize your internet data, rather than have advertising companies steal it away for free. And tokens such as Aloha are offering their users to monetize their usage of mobile data passively. This could prove elemental to the market, as it would allow users to monetize their internet consumption without hassle or redirection, while using the internet on the day-to-day. Peer-to-peer is growing strong.

I could not imagine what Satoshi’s reaction would be today, seeing the world that he once envisioned being put into real life use. This is some strong technology that he bequeathed the world, and developers are making sure his legacy continues.

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11 thoughts on “If you think P2P is only limited to Bitcoin, then you’re wrong”

  1. Why would you presume anyone is dumb enough to think that P2P transactions only occur with BTC?

    We’ve all made a transaction, or downloaded a torrent, or shared something with someone in our lifetimes.

    I’d imagine Satoshi would consider you a dullard for even postulating on such trivialities.

    Society wouldn’t exist without P2P.

    This is dumb & profoundly redundant.


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