If you think Bitcoin needs government control, you’re getting brainwashed

In the last weeks I’m seeing a lot of people saying Bitcoin should be somehow controlled by the US government, because thanks to crypto, Putin could evade sanctions. Same things were said about the convoy protest in Canada.

I know most users joined crypto just to make some money, but Bitcoin was created for something greater than make you wish a lambo.

Bitcoin was created in order to give freedom to the whole world.

Most of you are Americans and you think your government should control Bitcoin, but btc is not American, it’s not yours. Bitcoin is for everyone. Bitcoin is for the people all around the world.

If the US wants to really sanction Russia, they have better and easier ways. Just look at what they did to the Chinese Huawei. It was the 3rd biggest smartphone seller in Europe and now it basically disappeared after it got sanctioned.

Do you think the west should kick Russia out from swift? Great idea. Do you know who will suffer more about it? Regular people in Russia who maybe are saving money because they hate their government and they want to leave their country, but now they won’t be able because they can’t transfer their money from their Russian bank account to another country.

Bitcoin fixes this.

Governments can fight, can give each other sanctions, can do a lot of things, but they shouldn’t be able to touch people’s money, and that’s why Bitcoin was created.

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39 thoughts on “If you think Bitcoin needs government control, you’re getting brainwashed”

  1. Government also tried to control alcohol (prohibition), Gold, and drugs (remember the good ol’ war on drugs?). Every time the Gov steps in…they fuck it all up.

  2. Yeah only the regular people will use and benefit from Bitcoin. The oligarchs and corrupt will surely not abuse it. Geez. What’s next? Bitcoin solving world hunger?

  3. We don’t need control. But it would be stupid to assume that the government won’t try to control crypto.

    Best if we limit what they could control by joining them draft regulatory rules.

  4. I agree with most of your points, and yes I am American.

    Where I differ is that I believe some regulations would be a good thing– and lead to mainstream adoption.

    The type of regulations I would like to see are ones that protect the consumer and provide for a friendlier tax experience. I see nothing wrong with governments freezing the accounts (both bank and crypto) of criminals and terrorists.

    That being said, I know full well that my government is both corrupt and incompetent most of the time… much like it’s citizens who often choose propaganda, feelings and greed over science, facts, and the common good.

    Taking the stance that crypto should be entirely out of the purview of the establishment is in my opinion naive and unrealistic.

  5. Crypto fixes nothing. It is an unregulated digital commodity that has already been subjected to many of the various scams and shenanigans that happened back in the bad old days before there were regulations.

    Also, if you really think that any government isn’t going to regulate and entity of with the kind of value that crypto has, you are extraordinarily naïve. That would be like the government not regulating a major commodity like corn or gold (which it does).

    Freedom to the whole world? It doesn’t matter WHAT bitcoin was trying to achieve. It only matters about what it has become, which is just another commodity that gets traded in the hopes of making money. I don’t see any crypto advertisements pushing “freedom”, but I see plenty of them pushing profit.

    Getting back to regulations, there going to be happening very soon. The Ripple case will establish a precedent for how crypto is viewed, and regardless of the outcome it will either fall under the regulatory authority of the CFTC or the SEC. No more freewheeling or shady exchanges. No more dodging taxes. They will have to comply with trading rules and regulations like any other broker.

    Even if the Ripple case wasn’t happening, regulation would still be coming. Crypto has gained a huge amount of attention, and Uncle Sam has taken notice. There are several bills circulating through Congress seeking to classify crypto and establishes who has the authority to regulate it.

    Bitcoin was created to be a trustless P2P payment system. It was supposed to be a digital currency. I’m not sure if you read the posts here, but there aren’t many people here who really care about that. They buy and sell crypto just like stocks, with the hopes that it will be their meal ticket to riches.

  6. If Bitcoin is supposed to be decentralized without any banks or governments then aren’t crypto exchanges just like banks? Genuine question here. I really can’t see a difference between the exchanges and banks.

  7. Let’s be real from the practical point of view not a lot of people want to be treated like fugitive and they’d rather comply.

    It’s not impossible in the future to charge or fine you for being not compliant. We might want total freedom but unlikely it would be the outcome. There will have to be compromise.

  8. We kinda got war

    Banks Vs Crypto

    We’ve made massive breakthrough over last decade, we need to push it more and more.

    I work in IT/financial sector – and kids of my friends sometimes ask me “Do you own bitcoin?” Like… Tbh never thought in my life that any kid would ask me this question, and he’s just 9 yo

  9. Kicking russia out of swift will hurt europeans as well. We do purchase a lot of gas from russia among other things. If russia is kicked out of swift then its virtually impossible to do business with russia

  10. No real Bitcoiner is that stupid. On a bifurcated network the Bitcoin on the closed government side would lose everything that made it valuable and would trend to zero compared to on chain Bitcoin. The closed Bitcoin would have no hard cap, no censorship resistance and would be confiscatable. Basically a cbdc. Which is dystopian.

  11. this is literally the last thing i’d ask for. we literally can be controlling our investments through governance tokens, like why the hell would anyone want the governments to control their crypto holdings?????? just see how projects like bitdao give full authority to their investors, we need more of that.

  12. Governments can’t do a thing to bitcoin. While they can constantly cause a lot of fud and try to regulate it, it won’t be ever fully controlled. Otherwise why even call it bitcoin?

  13. I have not heard anyone say this. Americans do not want this to happen. On the other hand, if you think Bitcoin will give freedom to the whole world, well, I think that is delusional.


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