If you read this, amazing! You are still in cryptocurrency.

The market wears people down. Most of the retailers in the market have been leaving crypto, for now. Last approximate 1.5 years a lot of hype was present and a lot of retailers joined the party for quick gains. Now that the market topped at the last all time high, and we have been in an accumulation range for a long period, most people looking for gold have given up. Or they have been liquidated.

Throughout the, brief, history of bitcoin (and cryptocurrency in general) there have been multiple periods like the one we are in now. Historically, these periods were followed by new jumps of the market to new highs.

If you are reading this, you haven’t given up. Or at least you shouldn’t. Be careful now with any trades you make. There are roughly three things you could do. Hodl and wait. Sell most, if not all, wait for a definitive bottom and buy in after confirmation. Or wait to buy in when upper resistance levels have cleared and the markets are in a bull run again.

All of the above, I believe, will yield you good gains in coming 6-18 months. Not something I can guarantee obviously. But look at adoption, growth, technology emerging in the crypto industry. There is no doubt for me it will be used more than ever in the future.

Stay calm. Be patient. Being here puts you in a favorable position in comparison with most.

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42 thoughts on “If you read this, amazing! You are still in cryptocurrency.”

  1. I feel like I’ve just become numb to price movement at this point. I barely check prices and know that I’m not overinvested. Helps a lot with stress levels and mental health. Plan to just forget about it hope it grows in the future lol

  2. It can seem scary but if you are thinking, the red candles shpuld be welcome. A time to accumulate. How many people in last bull were saying ‘I wish I’d bought in September’s similar. Now we have an extended time to buy relatively low (hopefully!).

  3. Lol i would never sell all and especially nothing in the current market sentiment. Just accumulate as usual. And cash out a little when ATHs break.

    Edit: specified when I wouldn’t sell.

  4. Hopefully here for the long haul. Hopefully it doesn’t take another decade for mass adoption not exactly a spring chicken.

  5. Just bought 1k MATIC. Heavily invested in MATIC, CRO and DOT. Trying to accumulate as much as I can.. I don’t know if I’ll be rich one day but I spend money on stupid shit so might as well see where it takes me in the future.

  6. Keeping up with crypto is absolutely exhausting. Remember that it’s okay to take a break whenever you’re feeling burned out. Park your assets in cold storage and go outside to smell the flowers. Life is about more than just money and HODLing is a formidable strategy besides. If you really believe in crypto, it’ll only be more exciting when you come back.

  7. No is our chance for those that entered in early 2021 the 2017 and 2018 buyers were our envy. Now we can be the envy of the new money coming at the next bull market. What you bought BTC at 38k (checks BTC price of 100k) whatttt you bought ETH at $2900 (checks ETH price of 10k).

    Buy slowly and accumulate don’t blow your load early and stay steady. Patience is always rewarded

  8. Watching everyone struggle to stay positive and sane is honestly so funny to me. It’s the only reason I’m still in these crypto subs. Important info stopped coming ages ago. Now it’s just everyone losing their minds lmao


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