If you made any mistakes so far, you should know that this is just the process of learning. Money will come and go but experience stays.

Firstly it’s obvious that some may think that losing a lot of money is not an actual lesson but just pain. Definitely losing money can be very difficult for some but in the grand scheme of things you will get money and you will lose money. The latter part is way worse for sure.

But if you already got at the part of losing money, then honestly no one can say anything else than it sucks. But you should look on the broader picture that the experience you will gain from the mistakes. That experience will stay and make you more mature for upcoming life.

Especially the crypto experience can be adopted to any other life situation you are facing. Maybe you will learn some things like “not investing more than you can afford” and to take profits . That’s like the basic everyone learns during their first bear run.

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23 thoughts on “If you made any mistakes so far, you should know that this is just the process of learning. Money will come and go but experience stays.”

  1. If losing money brings knowledge then I’m about to be the next Einstein.

    Gotta look for the silver linings I guess lol

  2. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result is known as:

    A) Ineptitude

    B) Insanity

    C) Investing

  3. Life is full of good and bad experiences…..made every mistake(I think) when started in crypto but hey, got a roof, food and wiser for it.

  4. Sure, but there’s only value in experience if it leads to either continuing a positive behavior or avoiding a negative one. How many people who just lost money will actually learn and adapt? Hopefully most, if not all. But we know that’s not how things work. Many people will continue to double down on their mistakes, all while deflecting blame and not actually learning anything.

  5. I am personally taking the following away from this whole collapse:

    1. **Trust no one**. This is not to say that everyone in crypto is lying or they’re out to get you. Some people are, but some people have good intentions but their calls still fail since they make assumptions that turn out to be wrong. Do NOT move money into the market based on someone else’s opinion. Listen to what they have to say, run it through your own filters first, before deploying capital. If it doesn’t really make sense to you, it’s better not to buy
    2. **Tribe mentality only ends up hurting you**. It’s much easier to hold one opinion and not examine it too much, especially when there’s a huge community backing you up. But it makes you blind to stuff that is true and dangerous. Don’t know who said it but a good quote is “Don’t hate it. Don’t date it. Just trade it”
    3. **Have a plan for when you enter and when you exit**. For example, my plan for ETH is “look to buy whenever we’re not in a bear market. Take profit on 50% of bag during the next breaking of ATH. Considering selling whole thing when ETH is widely adopted”
    4. **You don’t need to buy the very bottom and sell the very top**. Even if you buy in after the first 20% of the run up and sell after 80% of the run up, you will still make money. If you are really afraid of it mooning after you sell, allocate some capital to buy some call options as an insurance policy (make sure you have enough money set aside to pay for the fees. Also good to have enough set aside for the exercise price if it does moon). After all, that’s what options are for, not wild leveraged speculation lol

    Let’s just hope I remember all this next bull run XD

  6. There is no par yourself on the back because you lost money along the way learning . This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Tell your bank or wife, friends you lost 1/2 or 3/4 of your money but you learned a lot so it evens out. It’s painful reading some of the investing advice on the internet since Covid hit and everyone became an investing guru

  7. I made almost every mistake you can think about as a trader for 2.5 years. I am ready for the next bull market 🙂

  8. Tbh I thought you where an old fart if you praised BTC as the one and only, sure learned my lesson during the last 12 months. Not a maxi but I’ve seen the light.


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