If you hate Crypto because Putin might use it, you should also hate the internet, GPS, cars, airplanes, and oxygen.

In recent comments and opinions from people involved with crypto and also from people not so involved in crypto about how Cryptocurrency’s image will be tainted if Putin uses it in future.

Putin will likely use Crypto to help circumvent sanctions and ensure he has other financial avenues.

But If you hate Crypto because Putin might use it, you should also hate the internet, cars, oxygen, water & earth.

Crypto isn’t just a safe haven asset. It’s also the perfect tool for refugees who seek to protect their wealth as they flee a war torn nation.

Cryptocurrencies have been neutral and always will be!

Stay safe everyone!

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46 thoughts on “If you hate Crypto because Putin might use it, you should also hate the internet, GPS, cars, airplanes, and oxygen.”

  1. The thing is, it’s possible to like crypto yet acknowledge that, even as it solves some issues, it creates others. It’s a powerful, useful tool, but it’s not a panacea, and we’re still nowhere close to understanding what its full implications may be–for good or for bad.

    (As for Putin circumventing sanctions, the truth is that [there are plenty of ways of doing that in the “real world” anyway](https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3168278/ukraine-crisis-deepens-china-lifts-all-wheat-import), so the incremental effect of crypto may not be as large as some think.)

  2. I think you’re missing the point. No one hates crypto because Putin might use it. But the fact that Putin can use it to get around sanctions is a pretty big problem.

    It’s okay to still like and believe in crypto while simultaneously acknowledging problems that it creates.

  3. Of course hate the things he use, but pls all of them.

    Are the for real people out there, who thinking oh he uses crypto, crypto is bad stuff?
    Than pls also don’t use Fiat money cause he will have some of that too.

  4. Crypto currency is traceable. If someone uses it to buy a commodity it will be known forever. The time the ip of the transitions will stay in the blockchain network forever. Whoever is willing to sell stuff to Putin will sooner or later be found. Maybe in one fair day also will be send in front of a court. So it is just the opposite- crypto is useful in this war. Crypto is just the opposite of what people imagine if they think it’s shady. It is “operated” by everyone- piers instead corruptible humans hidden behind piles of papers.

  5. People worrying about Russia circumventing sanctions via Bitcoin are just sitting there ignorance. Iff you want to do something surreptitious, the absolute LAST thing you want is to use a tool with a publicly accessible, completely immutable, transparent record, open to all eyes. It just doesn’t make any sense when there are a so many other mediums that are much easier to obfuscate.

    Like DOLLARS.

  6. >Cryptocurrencies have been neutral and always will be

    What about the markets because I feel like they have a personal vendetta against me

  7. There won’t be a government campaign against GPS, cars, oxygen, etc though. However once CBDC is online, you can bet there will be government campaign smearing decentralized crypto as environmentally unfriendly terrorist money.

    The other thing that people need to think about is whether they actually like decentralization and freedom in the first place. Freedom and lack of authority oversight in the form of “perfect neutrality” always comes with risks, so if you’re not comfortable with those risks, you should consider your own position on the matter. Perhaps you’re not as pro decentralization / neutrality as you think you are.

  8. All of crypto is about $1.7 trillion, and I don’t know how much of that is in personal wallets and locked in exchanges. $150 billion a day in all crypto txs. Reports say Russia holds $200 billion in crypto & $130 billion in gold. I think he would go through that pretty quickly. War is expensive. I don’t know how much crypto he could use. But if he can keep selling oil to the west, it won’t matter.

  9. This is the best comment i have read on the reddit app. today and this best explains everything.

    In years past, our fathers, ancestors suffered terrible financial losses because they couldn’t run around with their assets and this caused them to start all over, crypto is the evolution of currency and it’s a safe haven asset. Now, imagine carrying all your wealth in your phone and blending into another country despite not having their local currency, but you have crypto. SYLO is coming in too as an asset which users can use for real life purchases, etc. asides its LP stakings or its decentralized communication protocols. Bag as much of every crypto as you can.

  10. Where’s this coming from exactly? Is there intel that Biden is going to temporarily outlaw crypto trading in the US or something? Is that why he didn’t put forth his executive proposal yet?

  11. It will just be another excuse to crush it for the big government folks.

    Those evil right wing terrorists used it for the freedom protest and to circumvent being canceled from business services and the finance systems?! Now maybe but very unlikely Putin might as well?! Ban it, TerrorCoin! TerrorCoin!


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