If you are new to crypto and IF you just started using telegram you need to read this post.

#TL;DR – If you’re new and use telegram, go to settings, privacy and security, and turn off your phone number visibility, and calls. People who dm you are trying to steal your money on pretty much every platform out there, including reddit sometimes.

I just now joined a Telegram group for an unnamed centralized exchange. As soon as I did I got four different phone calls from different people one after another from people who were posing as the admin of the telegram group and another message from a user whose name was “blablabla (admin)”.

For clarity’s sake: **I am not surprised I was getting DM’d by scammers. I was amazed that I was getting DM’d by scammers in such large quantities.**

Pretty much every telegram group out there will warn you not to answer phone calls from people on telegram, if not completely ignore any direct messages you get from anyone on telegram. **However, the scammers pounce so quickly that once they see you join the group, they hope that they can grab your attention before you have a chance to read warnings / safety etiquette in telegram.**

Why did I get Telegram calls instead of DMs? Theory: coordinated social engineering attacks – it could potentially be easier for scammers to steal crypto from a wallet on an exchange than in cold storage or a hot wallet. It was four different guys and each of them had similar accents from that group.

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12 thoughts on “If you are new to crypto and IF you just started using telegram you need to read this post.”

  1. Didn’t know this at all.

    Just turned off my phone number visibility.

    Surprised Telegram doesn’t automatically hide it for you.

    Thank you for this post OP

  2. Yeah don’t leak your phone numbers and try to have a unique phone number dedicated to crypto if you can.

    Protect yourselves !

  3. Learning the risks of Telegram and Discord has been part of my learning curve. I have never had any reason to use either one until I got into Crypto.


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