If you are looking to donate crypto to Ukraine for relief / aid… don’t. But first understand why.

I see a lot of people wanting to support Ukrainians who are currently being invaded by fascist Russia.

Financially supporting the Ukrainian army or people who are suffering is a fantastic and noble thing to do. It’s the right thing do and the least most of us can do.

I wish I could buy the bullets that personally kill the Russian invaders. But it’s not that simple.

As we all know scammers have a vacuum for a heart and are trying to profit off of this crisis. “Ukrainian relief funds” are more than likely scammers accepting your thoughtful donations. Worse yet even Russians creating fake donations to soak up the funds for their cause.

The ONLY way I would donate is by sending it directly to someone you know of in Ukraine who needs it or can distribute it.

Do NOT let your guard down. Scammers will profit off of anything even this. Yes it is a new low.

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47 thoughts on “If you are looking to donate crypto to Ukraine for relief / aid… don’t. But first understand why.”

  1. Glad you post this OP.

    there are lot of good people who are trying to donate, but its important to know that some people will take of advantage of any situation. Please beware that at the moment the government ***country’s official account does not accept cryptocurrency or paypal.*** Personally I think the **red cross is the best bet and safest.**


    >Beware of Phishing ScamsThere is one safe place thus far to donate money to Ukraine.The Ukrainian government announced today that it has created a designated bank account where well-wishers can deposit donations via foreign currency wire transfers.The country’s official account does not accept cryptocurrency yet, Ukraine said, or other Web-based payment systems including PayPal, bitcoin or Webmoney.That account is being overseen by Ukraine Now through the Ukrainian government’s official website.But the clarion call to help the Ukrainian war effort has been immediately clouded by imitators, with TheStreet unable to verify the credentials of several major operations ostensibly collecting money on the country’s behalf.

    from: [https://www.thestreet.com/latest-news/bitcoin-donations-are-pouring-into-the-ukrainian-army-but-how-will-that-help](https://www.thestreet.com/latest-news/bitcoin-donations-are-pouring-into-the-ukrainian-army-but-how-will-that-help)


    Edit: Canadian Red Cross will match your donation


  2. Absolutely DYOR. But if we can’t use crypto for a class of transactions we are undermining the whole point of the crypto revolution. Let’s find solutions rather than saying not to do something.

    If you rely on the official websites or other media sites (twitter etc) of known organizations the risk should be minimal. Scammers will offer substitute URLs or advertise their scam sites via alternate means (email, public posts, etc.), not using tools that should only be under the control of the charity organization in question.

    If the thought of losing money to scammers is stopping you, please, then convert to fiat and donate that way. But please don’t use this as an excuse to do nothing. Research as best you can and then support those who need help the best way you can.

  3. Donating to help people in need is always a good thing, but we need to be careful about how we donate in order to make sure that our money goes to the right people. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who will take advantage of people’s generosity during a time of crisis. The best way to donate is directly to someone you know in Ukraine who is in need.

  4. As I know all crypto donations is a scam. Only one wallet will gets benefits and funds will kept for themselves only. As I know last tym peoples helped covid to india and i dnt wants to mention that name. They really never did anything’s. As I saw they mentioned they helped my city and which is big lied. And scam.

  5. Y’all are crazy wishing to buy bullets to kill people. Maybe i’m just not american enough but War is War, violence is violence all of it is wrong. I understand they got to defend themselves but i’d rather be giving money for food or medicine than more War and suffering.

  6. Vitalik is the only person in crypto that I would give to and expect it to be dispersed proper. Idk how you go about giving electric doge money to a country whose language I don’t speak. He goddamn did it and shibe. Well that’s part of history now

  7. Ukraine in particular is known for having some of the most corrupt leaders too. People shouldn’t just pretend that’s magically different during a time of war. I strongly an against sending money to Ukraine, a trusted middle man should simply spend the money to have resources delivered to them, not potentially go straight to their pockets.


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