If we are “bulls”, then this market is doomed!!

Hi folks

I had a post about your idea on current “mini” up trend above 20k. And boy was your comments scary.

Most of you think:

1. This is a bull trap

2. BTC will drop below 15k this summer.

3. Much more unsolved shit still out there which will inflict more damage soon. Like Celsius situation and the bigger global recession.

4. Many of you are concerned about Tether depegging. Which is really scary TBH.

Your comments were so grim I liquidated few coins I had on profit to get ready for a further dive.
I mean we are mostly bulls here right? Otherwise what we are doing? And if bulls are this scared about market then things are indeed scary. Just imagine market mentality right now. It is bad. And I am only talking about psychological effect and not fundamentals.
Anything you do, I advice you do it with outmost cautious.
This type of market can make you broke much faster than it can make you rich.

Have a great night/day

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26 thoughts on “If we are “bulls”, then this market is doomed!!”

  1. Why are you married to one viewpoint? Markets can move up, down, or remain flat. There are numerous valid strategies for each condition. Why not be objective, keep an open mind, and trade the market in front of you rather than what you hope, dream, or wish would happen?

  2. I think a lot of people right now are fear mongering. They’re scared of what might happen and that’s clouding their reason

  3. It is not mostly bulls. r/cc goes where the wind takes it. In the height of the hype mania it is all BTC $100k by end of year, no $250k, no $500k. In the winter it is people trying to out bear each other. Bitcoin is going below $15k, no $10k, no $3k, no $300.

  4. Think of this. Bitcoin and ETH have both become assets. A lot of institutional money has gone in relatively recently and lots of retailers are beginning to accept crypto as a form of payment. This by no means is justification for it going back up, especially with the macro economic BS that’s just hit all of us but a good indicator to me personally.

    To be honest this is the first time the market has dropped so hard in ages, brilliant time to accumulate. Honestly if you don’t have an understanding of your projects, now is the time. If you’re scared of losing all your money, you’ve missed the opportunity to sell so buckle up for a few years

  5. I get where you’re coming from, but there could also be a lot of “bulls” who are just bullish because that’s the crypto culture and not because they understand anything. There are plenty of people who buy high and sell low. So, if “bulls” are worried, depending on who that includes, it’s not the people who are just highly optimistic against the odds but people who fomo and just abandon ship quickly. In that case, their fear doesn’t imply much.

  6. When this sub tells you the price is definitely going to crash further the absolute last thing you want to do is sell.

  7. People here recommended to buy BTC at 50,60,69k.

    People here are recommending not to buy BTC at 17, 18, 19k (or even possibly 15-16k).

    That’s the mindset you’re dealing with in this (not clever) hivemind.

    Come here for comedy and maybe an interesting nugget buried in a garbage heap. Don’t listen to a single influencer (even the sub’s beloved Cowen). Do your own analysis and set your own targets.

  8. Whether major recession overrules anything else with Bitcoin seems to be confirmed. Don’t forget tether has been printing like nuts lately, too.

  9. Points 1 through 4 are probably all going to come true, but that doesn’t mean the market is doomed, it’ll just be dormant for a while till everything blows over.

  10. Most bears have already sold and waiting to buy lower . They have an incentive to keep the narrative negative .


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