I will do research of the coins you want

I’m on holidays now for the next two weeks and I want to do research of porjects and I need/want help from this community to look into good projects, see what they actually do, do a good comparison with other similar products/coins/blockchains/tokens and analizate the sustainability and other metrics about the coins. I think this could help us find good investment opportunities.

For this I’m going to ask for help regarding some things. On first place I need help developing an overview of general data I need to get of the projects I will analizate, right now I have this and made an example with X token


(data from Binance)

Current price: XX Current market cap: XX

Maximum price: XX Maximum market cap: XX

Coins in circulation: XX million (XX% of total supply)

Total coins (circulation + staking): XX (XX%)

Maximum total supply: XX

Utility: ….

Sources: ……………..

Moreover I would need other sites and webpages where I can look for more info regarding this or other projects.

Finally I would need the projects that you think are undervalued or can be the future so I can do an independent and unbiased research on them. Thanks for reading!!

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48 thoughts on “I will do research of the coins you want”

  1. Step 1: open browser

    Step 2: go on coinmarketcap

    Step 3: pick any crypto

    Step 4: all the information you want

    Step 5: check out the white paper, main holders, roadmap & active devs for more

  2. Wait so are you doing the research or are you asking for people to do it and then give the data to you the collect?

  3. Idk about you folks but someone with the username u/vladimir_cryptovitch inspires trust the likes of which has never been seen before.

  4. I’d say Polygon $MATIC has a bright future that isn’t necessarily fully priced in, it’s worth doing the research on it

  5. Maybe KDA,AZERO and THOL but the last isnt even listed yet, but looks really promising to me, read the 70pgs long whitepaper and i must say pretty innovative stuff for the crypto fundraising area

  6. Phantasma,(soul) last year zombie said it’s one to hold for the next bull, so got a small bag, don’t care if it goes to nothing it’s a gamble

  7. Some people are really that bored to waste their holiday making “research”…

    I just feel like you are trying to do something to keep you busy and justify this waste of time by saying it is research and for helping the community, while in reality all the informations are already easily available on the Internet.

    Most people in crypto are people who know how to use Google. Your 85 year-old grandma who has no clue how to make a basic Google search has probably no clue on how to buy bitcoin (if she ever knows what bitcoin is).

  8. Read the Bitcoin whitepaper, then buy Bitcoin. Most other cryptos are shitcoins. In the long run it will outperform Cumrocket420 and all these other valuable projects.


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