I was just scammed in the most sophisticated way

link to scam comment – [CoinMarketCap](

**as stated on etherscan, funds have been moved from the wallet, likely by scammer

I know I’m an idiot, a dumb teen falling for something so stupid, but it’s lesson learned, at at least losing $20 in ether wasnt the end of the world. main goal is to share this story for people unfamiliar with scams like this.

I’m taking a peek at the CoinMarketCap comment section, right under ADA. Just doing some general browsing, until I come across a comment that basically says “woohoo! I invested in a coin that mooned, celebrating by giving away my metamask account with $590 on it”, and the guy follows that with the seed phrase.

Intrigued, I entered the seed phrase into metamask to find an account with $130 in tether, and $118 in USDC. This seemed too good to be true, I tried to withdraw but of course you need ethereum on the account to pay the gas fees. And conveniently, there was zero ethereum. I sat there thinking about how this could possibly be a scam, I thought “hey maybe no one did a withdraw because there’s no ethereum and they don’t wanna deal with the troubles”, so I look at my KuCoin account and send over $20 in eth to pay the gas fees for tether.

The eth shows up, I quickly go to withdraw the tether, but as soon as I get to the confirm page, it says I don’t have enough eth to pay for gas fees. And to my semi surprise, the balance of eth went from my sent $20 back to zero.

Though it might be a bug, no way someone at that exact moment did withdraw. But a quick peek at[ etherscan.io]( shows that as soon as my funds arrived, they were immediately taken out, likely by a bot. In fact, I’m far from the first one. This account alone was used to scam $200 worth of eth from 6 different people.

Needless to say I’m sad, but at least the loss wasn’t too dramatic. i’m more sad about just giving the scammer free money. Wisdom is priceless I guess, I feel dumb for falling for that guys scam so easily, but I feel like this is a super next level scam from what I’ve seen. You literally gain access to that guys account, seeing all the funds there, thinking you’re a gas fee away from adding $250 in stable coins to your main trading platform

Is this scam new? If anyone wants the seedphrase to check out the account I can post it in the comments

edits (addressing comments)__

– this could be seen as similar to a Nigerian prince scam, however the difference is that i had full control of the wallet, and no one asked me for money. sending crypto for gas fees was my own “intuition”

– i wasn’t trying to steal, the guy posted his seed phrase as a giveaway in celebration for one of his investments mooning, as stated and linked in the post above.

– APOLOGIES if this isn’t sophisticated to you, it was brand new and seemed well thought out to me. intention wasn’t to disappoint

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28 thoughts on “I was just scammed in the most sophisticated way”

  1. Smart of you to check etherscan. Usually how this scam works is people try to pay the gas fee again and again until they finally give up and end up losing even more. No one wants to give you free money , ever.

  2. “The best way to scam people is to let then think they are the smart ones.”

    congratz dude. You fell victim to this.

  3. Nothing new or sophisticated about that. ‘Hello friend, I am a Nigerian prince but I’ve been totally locked out of my account of 4 million usd. If you send me 100 usd, then I can pay the unlocking fee and I will pay you back 20000x. Hope you can trust me, I will wait for you.’ That’s basically what you fell for.

  4. It’s a pretty well known scam. A twist that’s sometimes used is that the wallet is also a multisig, so you only have one of the seed phrases needed to actually withdraw funds. The bot or script that stole your money has both. Or it’s just faster, that works too.

  5. How in the world would you fall for this lol

    Why would someone give strangers free money.. in a cmc comment of all places

  6. Consider this to be a lesson in life in general, but crypto specifically 🙂 When it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

    For 20 dollar, that’s an absolute steal for such a valuable lesson 🙂

  7. This one seems like a bot that is waiting for new blocks and transferring out afterwards – not in the same block it arrived and no smart contract.

    so the trick to scam the scammer would be to issue 3 txes at the same time (get yourself a geth node, and issue the commands at literally the same time): sent eth to that address and withdraw usdt to your wallet and withdraw usdc to your wallet.

    if done right, they are mined in the same block and the bot can only withdraw what is left of that eth, but the usdc and usdt would be yours.

  8. Damn OP. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this. I almost fell for it myself and I just happen to check Reddit right before I deposited $1000 in ETH. Honestly, I am so grateful, I am going to give you my wallet with $500 in USDC. Here is the seed phrase:

  9. i actually kind of admire this scam. Normally scammers want to get everything from you including your digital wallet, logins etc. this just offers a $100 superglued to the cement, and people only lose around $20 trying to pull the note from the ground. its like the guy at the bar making bets he already knows the trick to

    scammers are still pieces of shit but if i lost $20 to this one i wouldnt be mad

  10. As the proverb goes:

    “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

    You were the fish.


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