I think we should already get mentally prepared for a crash due to Ukraine-Russia Politics.

The current week is probably crucial to this ongoing conflict. Many have been saying it’s going to happen this week, the next day, any time and so on. As we can see stock markets are already taking the hit. So we should start to prepare for the worst… But hope for the best ofc.

Obviously no one wants a war. And we all don’t know what those boomers are doing with that political shit. But one thing is for sure. If the market dips just because a FED member says the word inflation, then it’s certainly going to crash here.

It’s obviously all just one of the other multiple possibilities of what could happen. But I would recommend getting prepared for this worst one. As we should always be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. That does not mean we are bearish, im also not expecting a major crash if it happens, just a flash crash of like modest 15%.

If we expect it, it won’t surprise us.

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45 thoughts on “I think we should already get mentally prepared for a crash due to Ukraine-Russia Politics.”

  1. In my opinion this is just Putin posturing in an attempt to restore the political status quo that existed before the Crimean annexation. For the first time in 8 years Russia is at the head of the negotiating table instead of being left out altogether. There will be no war.

    I think NATO has proven time and time again that they won’t commit to open warfare against Russia. And to be fair, Russia has little desire for war either. Russia have control of Crimea and de facto control of the Donbas – I think they have already achieved the goals set out in 2014.

    Putin is not an idiot, quite the contrary, the land grab has already happened – this is just him normalising relations afterwards using brinkmanship

  2. Markets have already priced in the potential conflict. I would have worried more about inflation and potential increase of interest rates.

  3. Buddy, the only ones beating the war drum are the media.

    Putin does not want a war, he just wants to stop Ukraine from joining NATO.

    And I have to say it makes sense.
    Massing army on borders is clear sign of – don’t fuck with me. Ukraine stays in neither pact, no debate.

    Now both sides are going – GGrrrrr
    And amassing weapons and ammo in Ukraine border.

    And the media is making a spectacle of it. Because it brings clicks.

  4. Think there will be a crash due to the sheer panic. But Russia and Ukraine have been fighting since 2014 and I think the market will realize that it’s not all that different from the situation right now.
    That’s quite a cold view with respect to the people of Ukraine of course. For which I apologize. You’re in our thoughts.

    Also feel like Russia tried to manipulate the Bitcoin price by ‘banning’ it in Jan and now they’re saying it s ok with crypto. Ie: ‘we bought the dip so you can take us off SWIFT all you like’.

  5. There will be no war, it’s just American propaganda as usual. Obviously if you’re used to live in a country sorrounded by American propaganda you can’t understand it.

    US economy needs wars or it will collapse, that’s why usa are always at war

  6. Warren Buffett bought his first stock the days after Pearl Harbour was bombed and the stock market had tanked.

    Even at a young age he realised those are the times that wealth is created, if you take an optimistic long term view.

  7. Ukraine-Russia conflit has years of this slow thing, just lots of more media now. Nothing will happen, even Russia says US is too excited.

  8. Why should anyone be worried about the invasion? Are other countries really going to get involved? Genuine question. Seems like a lot of posturing.

    Anyway, crypto crashes unexpectedly all the time. If you weren’t ready when you first invested, then now is a good time as any.

  9. Nah, not even close.. When shots fired, we can all say goodbye to crypto market. People will going to prefer commodities such as gold, petrol and natural gas.

    I expect way too low levels in crypto. But of course, I’m a ordinary man and this is not a financial advice.

  10. Imo Russia is just muscle playing to power negotiate with NATO. In 2014 Crimean war had little impact. The main reason we are falling are rate hikes. I hope (for good of all) Ukraine stays safe and Russia behind their borders.

  11. Odds are good that the Russian, Chinese and North Korean governments are in possession of most of the hacked and ‘lost’ crypto, just wait until they liquidate to fund their war effort.

  12. If your in any investing market and are not at least 5% mentally prepared for a crash at any given time, you’re doing it wrong.

  13. Safe haven assets go up during threats of war. Gold is up. So being that btc is a hard asset like gold it’s actually can be bullish imo.


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