I think its so entertaining to watch how fast “crypto influencers” on Twitter change their sentiment the moment we get a small pump like today.

MMcrypto, The Moon Carl, Lark Davis and all similar crypto douches on Twitter make me laugh/cringe so hard.

If you go back a couple days and see their tweets, most of them are “we’re doomed” but now it’s “we’re heading to the moon🚀”

What’s even worse are their videos on YouTube holy f#ck.In fact I think most crypto videos on YouTube are low quality content videos.

I wish we could get a platform where we could stream consistently good crypto content. There are some platforms like Aioz already offering crypto compatible streaming so maybe we could get something like that but strictly for crypto?

Would be cool especially considering that it would put all of these low quality influencers out of work lol.

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30 thoughts on “I think its so entertaining to watch how fast “crypto influencers” on Twitter change their sentiment the moment we get a small pump like today.”

  1. “Why I sold all my crypto”

    *two days later*

    “Bitcoin to pump 2X if this happens”

    *two more days later*

    “Bear market tips, crypto going to 0”

  2. I have managed to make it through three years of investing in crypto, without watching a single “influencer” video on YouTube. I feel like that’s some kind of feat, lol.

  3. Sorry, but influencers are cancer. I prefer thousand times more to listen to the sub average Joe, instead of some professional shill on youtube with a shocking Pikachu face on the tumbnail.

  4. This pump happened in anticipation of a huge dump tomm on news of war. Now back to boredom as Russia pulls its troops. Atleast a ton of lives were spared.

  5. There are some good crypto influencers but you must find the ones that have 0 to do with leveraged exchanges. If they offer or you see a referral link to bybit or some other leverage app just know you are the customer. They have agreements with these exchanges & literally get paid for when people they signed up lose money. Thats why these crypto influencers are so quick to change emotion. They do it on purpose hoping you do some stupid trades so they make more money. People like cryptorus are really good compared to people like carl moon or whoever.

  6. Most of them are pure crap, they want to fetch the people by some boulevard news style instead of talking about tech, community or use a neutral point of view when talking about news.

  7. I will never listen to influencers and everyone shouldn’t too

    If they know how to predict the market, they wouldn’t need to be influencers at all

  8. Changing sentiment is one thing. A lot of them go through and delete their tweets as well. That’s just bad form IMO. I respect a person a lot more for holding their hands up and admitting they got it wrong

  9. I like how you named all of the Moonboy cuck shills when naming Twitter influencers.

    Pretty much sums up Crypto Twitter in a nutshell.

    Circlejerking each other off of some red or green candles


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