I keep seeing all these post about being in a bear market, did ya’ll miss the announcement? It’s a bull market now!

I keep seeing post about how we are going to be rich by buying in this bear market.

Bull market makes millionaires but crypto winter makes billionaires!

My favorite part about this bear market is that the sub isn’t filled with shill post. (Shill post currently sitting on the front page)

Btc is up 4.65% in seven days.

Eth is up 6.28% in seven days.

You guys keep talking about the bear market like it’s still here, but the data clearly shows we are in a bull market now.

Other signs that confirm the bull run of 2022 had started.

Fomo has returned.

Regret of not buying Eth at $800 is mentioned frequently.

Bitcoin to 100k by end of year comments are back.

Scammers have started sending DMs again.

It’s official Bull run of 2022 has started and if you don’t know, now you know.

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48 thoughts on “I keep seeing all these post about being in a bear market, did ya’ll miss the announcement? It’s a bull market now!”

  1. 100k BTC by the end of the year? Sir that was 2021.

    250k BTC I was promised by end of 2022… Lets go bulls ! 250k incoming !

  2. Can always tell when things are getting good again and “worth it” again when you see the flood of shitcoins and scams start flooding into wallets again and dodgy AF DMs going out again… Sure sign crypto is going brrrrrrrrrrrr again.

    That and once staunch opponents of crypto suddenly spouting off in the MSM about how “gUd CrYpTo” is all of a sudden – bought the dip much?

  3. > sending DMs

    I have stopped sending DMs asking for seeds, people responded with too many seeds and I am overwhelmed.

  4. The devs really have nice patches lately I wonder if we see the 25k patch soon

    Thanks for the reminder OP I just went all in

  5. Facts my guy, we gonna stick it to all the lil boys saying thing like “I wish BTC would stop rising” or “watch out for the bull trap”.

    Have fun buying in at 30k lol

  6. Bull or bear market just keep dca’ing and accumulate the coins you believe in. Most coins are still down alot, perfect time to buy.

  7. We’re in the limbo phase, not the lambo phase.

    There is such a thing as something between a bear and bull market.

    If there is a little more uptrend than downtrend for an extended period, then yea, we are no longer in a bear market.

    But if there is still a lot of crabbing, back and forth, and the uptrend doesn’t dominate enough yet, then we are in limbo.

  8. So silly how many people genuinely only buy when all of the charts are super green and everything has already made huge gains

  9. I was buying when sentiment was its not going up , now every thinks bull market starts so its time to sell

  10. Who cares wether it’s a bear or bull market anymore. If you’re here you somewhat believe in the technology or you’re afraid of missing out on the next big thing either way stick to your guts and enjoy the ride. Dca if you want or yolo it all,up to you.


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