I just sold everything on a loss. I followed the buy high sell low!

So… I didn’t want to sell, but there’s a surgery coming up that’ll force me in bed for a few months and my bank account is already near zero.

I kinda regret not saving up enough money for emergency situations. I always thought of myself as healthy, didn’t even buy an insurance till last year, thank heavens I did it for the residence card.

My best investment seems to be Matic, I put little amounts to it whenever I could. The rest of portfolio is a bit of ETH, AXS ( I hate this one) and a bunch of other coins including some leftover APE( can’t blame, I made a profit, put that into matic as well)

I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, but I’m draining my account. I’ll be watching you guys from the sidelines for a while. If anything I learnt, this might be the beginning of a bull run and I’ll probably cry over my sold coins later on.

Edit: Thanks for all the prayers and support everyone. I don’t know what I was expecting when I wrote this, I just wanted to share this and you guys have been wholesome. And to the people telling me to take a loan with my crypto, it’s a bit too late.

Also, to the people telling me I shouldn’t have invested,
Now I know, and trust me I have no one else but me to blame and I do that plenty. Thanks anyway.

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30 thoughts on “I just sold everything on a loss. I followed the buy high sell low!”

  1. >there’s a surgery coming up that’ll force me in bed for a few months and my bank account is already near zero.

    Health first, don’t worry about it. You can always make it back as long as you are healthy.

  2. Just a reminder to newbies and those without basic investing skills:

    When you are about to put new money into the market ask yourself:
    “Do I need any of this back anytime soon?”

    If the answer is Yes, then leave it in the bank so you can pay bills, sleep easy at night, and not have to check prices every 5 minutes.

    Long term we are going up.

    Short term no one knows.

    Putting money in, then seeing the market drop, then having to sell is a terrible strategy.

    Put money in you don’t need in the next 3 to 5 years.

    Stop checking your portfolio.

    Don’t trade out of greed or boredom.

    Have a long term strategy and stick to it regardless of volatility.

    On a personal note:
    Good luck with the surgery OP.

  3. It was very important to have a rainy day fund. Let this be a teachable moment dude, never go all in on crypto again. Life is way more than just crypto.

  4. I had a similar situation but nothing major like a surgery. I know I was overinvested and if emergency came that I might need to take the loss.

  5. Always have emergency savings then put leftover funds in investment.

    Hope your surgery goes well and you’ll be able to start your portfolio soon again (after you have some emergency savings)

  6. Sorry mate, but at least you have some crypto to help you out. I hope you recover quickly and get more crypto back.

  7. I actually struggled to save before crypto, so if it’s up or down it ls still a win that it was still available for you in a time of need. which takes away for a even more stressful situation!

  8. An emergency fund is just that…and glad you had one. We’ve all had to dip into the crypto fund for one reason or another.

    Btw: why do you hate AXS?

  9. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Look at it as a learning session. Walk away from it armed with new knowledge, and use it in the future.

  10. Don’t be ashamed, it happens. Learn from the experience. You need to establish at least a 3 moth emergency fund before investing in anything really for occasions such as the one you described. Good luck with your surgery 🍀

  11. I also sold quite a bit to pay for taxes this year. Its sad, but we can slowly rebuild our portfolios.

    Best of luck.

  12. Best of luck! Best case scenario for you is the market completely tanks and you can fill up your bags at a massive discount when you have some extra fiat.

    Not that I’d pray for that, but hey, it’d be an awesome opportunity for many.

  13. What can you possibly do with any money you make if you are dead or seriously injured? Take care of your health, and next time DONT INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. Get well soon.


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