I hodl everything so far

Buy low, sell high, we all know this deal. Some people hold for longer periods of time, others have strategies not far apart from daytrading. Others seem to vow never selling anything. Do you treat all your crypto assets the same? As in, you either hold everything for longer periods of time, or sell short term? Or do you diversify your buying and selling timings for each crypto asset? An example would be holding Dogecoin for dear life, but daytrading SHIB. Or maybe you invest only in Bitcoin and Ethereum and leave the speculating to others.

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18 thoughts on “I hodl everything so far”

  1. I buy in the bear market research,ride the bull market when I feel like I made enough off the coins put it all into ethereum top off my stake then do it all over next market none the less it all goes to eth at the end to the moon

  2. FOMO hits the hardest when I sell. If I hold and everything drops to zero I *only* lose my initial investment, but if I sell too early and the projects moons, I miss out on potentially unlimited amount of gains.

    This is of course quite irrational thinking, and that’s why I’ve set price targets to force myself to take profits, but the feeling is there nonetheless.

  3. I mostly set price targets around 2-3x within a year, sell 80%-100% then put all of it back into another coin with the potential of the same move within a year. If I’m trading weekly or monthly I’ll take anything over 20-30% as a win, sell it all, rinse and repeat. So many good projects with potential. My only mistake has been not selling often enough and waiting through the dips. I’ll even sell at significant loss just to reallocate to a coin I know will pump 20% in a week the second btc moves an inch. However I am poor and am trying to build wealth. If I had the time and extra money I would just pick 5 solid projects you expect to 5-10x with adoption and time. Put 80% in them and hodl. 20% for trading weekly or monthly. Don’t add more than that 20% to your trading account but once a year to keep you in check.

  4. “I’m a hodler but a greedy one. LOL. I want to be play safe and hodl but i also see how much traders are making with the current market volatility and I’m super interested in making such profits.”

    These were my exact words to a friend I was lamenting to some days back. He told me to get on TeneoFinance and I’m happy i made my lamentations known. Basically, it’s just about hodling to earn more. Sweet passive income.

  5. In the last 4 months I only hodled and bought at every dip, unfortunately I bought too much too soon, but it’s ok. Once I double my initial investment I’ll withdraw 50% of everything and continue EDCAing from there. that’s my plan I hope it won’t take to long to get to my goals.


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