I hear people say BTC could go to $100k or to $0. But is there actually a real world scenario that could now collapse BTC forever? I don’t think so.

In other words, are we not yet past the point of no return for the possible complete collapse of BTC?

(For the purpose of this post I’m just talking about BTC, not other cryptocurrencies.)

Even though adoption is just beginning, there has been too much adoption for btc to go away forever.

There are some bad scenarios that could happen, but none of them could collapse the whole ecosystem. Governments couldn’t shut it down because the entire world cannot agree on one thing. As long as one node is active, btc survives.

Probably one of the worst scenarios I can think of is satoshi’s wallet becoming active (that’s a lot of power to influence in the hands of one person). But that wouldn’t kill btc forever.

Obviously there is still risk in investing. You could lose money on BTC. But I think we’re past the place where the destruction of the ecosystem is a potential reality.

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28 thoughts on “I hear people say BTC could go to $100k or to $0. But is there actually a real world scenario that could now collapse BTC forever? I don’t think so.”

  1. Hypothetically a full ban by the EU or the US would crush value. satoshi appearing out of nowhere and moving his whole bag would probably tank the value pretty hard too

  2. I don’t think there is a real world scenario that could make bitcoin completely valueless, but if a lot of countries ban it, it might come pretty close.

  3. the point of no return is no more asics. then, no more gpus. then, no more cpus. then we are dead because of radiation poisoning.
    if china invades taiwan it’s the end of crypto asics. 100%

  4. This is the biggest reason I always tell people why bitcoin is the safest to buy (but also smaller gains to be expected now).

    If BTC was to crash to 10,000 a coin or 1,000 a coin or even less, would you buy it???

    The answer is, almost all of us would. If i logged on and saw BTC for 1,000 dollars I’d deffo buy at least one coin in the off chance it comes back.

  5. I think that calling crypto an “investment” is a problem. It’s a bet. It’s a currency play. It is at best an intangible investment in the same way that a fiat currency is. Can it go to zero? Of course. So could the dollar. However, the dollar is backed by hundreds of trillions of bucks worth of tangible assets over and about the “full faith and credit” of the States. BTC is backed by what?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have BTC. It is play-account amounts, because it is a purely speculative “thing”. If I end up selling it at a profit, fine. But save your ” investing” for companies, tangible assets, etc.

    Companies can go to zero, yes. That’s why we have ETFs.

    I also have a couple of penny stocks in my play-accounts. They remind me a lot of crypto and carry many of the same risks. ABML for example is basically a promise that they can develop scalable profitable battery recycling and perhaps develop their rare earth claims in Nevada. If it starts looking good, no doubt a big auto company or the like will buy them. But make no mistake, it is also a purely speculative play.

  6. There is only a one real world scenario that could collapse BTC forever that is *The end of the world*
    Otherwise crypto is not going anywhere. Crypto is here to stay forever

  7. Mass adoption huh?

    Anyone remember composite video cables? Of course not, they’ve become obsolete, we all use VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort nowadays.

    CDs surely are the best portable storage medium for data, right? Everyone uses them, they are the golden standard. Wait, that ship sailed in the 2000’s, now we’re all using USB flash memory, SD cards or cloud storage.

    Of course, there are awful technologies that haven’t been phased out even if better alternatives exist now. Like JavaScript is still king of the web instead of moving towards WebAssembly.

    We’ll have to see what side of history Bitcoin will end up on. Personally I think it will get phased out in a couple of decades max.

  8. It will never go to zero. Why? If it approaches 0, I’ll buy more. I’ll be keeping the price up for you all. I got you covered!

  9. As more and more whale like investors begin to move in, the less likely it is that the price will drop far below where the highest number of whales have invested.

    As inflation increases with fiat currency, along with endless printing, the rich will look for a place to protect there wealth. BTC being limited will be a good place to begin. Along will other assets of course.

    With this since stable coins generally follow the trend of BTC for the most part, the coins with a good backing and team will thrive. Strap in lads. Moon is imminent .

  10. But is there actually a real world scenario that could now collapse BTC forever?

    Multiple, some more likely than others:

    * an exploit that allows to create more bitcoin would render BTC useless.
    * wallets get exploited and all coins stolen
    * Web3 never taking off, thus people lose interest in crypto in general
    * ETH or other coin becomes the new best coin, as a result BTC would slowly fade away.
    * complete ban on proof of work coins, people would switch to another coin as default
    * if crypto changes to a security like stocks, that would be far more interesting, youtubers wouldnt be able to talk about them without being financial advisors, and interest would fade…. im pretty sure a lot of the people here get their crypto news/research from youtubers.

  11. As soon as the ‘hype’ is over and there are other lucrative and technological advanced options in the cryptospace, it will start to sloooooowly decrease in price. It will take years and never will reach zero, as there will always be some people left. It will be painful for every hodler. At some point they will also jump on that next crypto step by step. Especially after BTC lost the dominance to another coin, the decrease will speed up.

    The only question is: When will we see the last ATH?

    ‘#fud #unpopularopinion


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