I have a feeling

I have to preface this with I hate politics. Trump was a train wreck but he did something interesting. He made people on the left afraid to sound like a conspiracy theorist. Well I have a conspiracy. I think we are going to watch the world go into a depression. I think the SEC is going to go HARD at crypto. The only things that will make it out are projects that are impossible to destroy. Projects that are totally decentralized and over collateralized with no company attached.

I think while this is happening Biden will say the financial system is fine while the republicans say buy crypto. We will get another crazy last two years of the presidency where the parties won’t cooperate and say exact opposite things.

Hodlers have to hodl during this time. Times may get rough and prices will possibly fluctuate wildly. Take it off the exchange and put it in a self custody/ cold storage wallet. But this ends with crypto on top and a debt laden legacy financial system in shambles

Just what I’m thinking


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13 thoughts on “I have a feeling”

  1. I think the fiat system is broken. Debt is created out of thin air and can never be repayed. We desperately need another system, shit is going to get bad with fiat

  2. 2030 – great reset. Crypto in some form will probably become the new money system. But they said ‘you’ll own nothing’ for a reason, the managed and planned destruction of our economies started a while ago.

  3. We are not in recession if you change the meaning of recession.

    We do not have high inflation if you change the statistics used to calculate inflation.

    We never have to pay the debt if we can just keep printing money to pay the interest on the debt.

    Maybe we need to play by the same rule and change the name of “crypto currencies” to “unconfiscatable currencies”


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