I find it ridiculous that energy consumption concerns are always in abundance when it comes to crypto but anything else doesn’t cause as much concern

I really don’t get it can anyone explain if I’m getting it wrong, I understand that a large mining facility may take up a bit more than sufficient power but how is it more than anything else when it comes to production?

I mean we’re talking here about the most efficient financial transaction system in the world, and now it’s suddenly “too much power” when on the other hand we have high maintenance machinery working year round in car factories, manufacturing  factories of different commodities and more that need so much more energy to function and maintain demand.

When the conversation is about electric cars that’s good for the planet but when it’s crypto that’s somehow bad, even though crypto has helped millions of families through economic crises around the world stay afloat.

The power consumption is worth it, and all the people who are dedicated enough to work on the space and develop startups that shape the space and push it forward deserve all the power and support, and I’m glad some blockchain launchpads like SolanaPrime provide a safe platform for them away from the shady part of the market.

These people are really shaping the future of finance in today’s time, any energy they consume is worth it and especially with more sustainable and renewable forms of energy on the rise it’ll fade all this over consumption talk.

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29 thoughts on “I find it ridiculous that energy consumption concerns are always in abundance when it comes to crypto but anything else doesn’t cause as much concern”

  1. The fact that Yachts are proposed to be exempt from the EU Carbon Pricing Plan should shine a light on a what a bullshit game of cards the whole operation is.

  2. Bitcoin offers a promising alternative to our otherwise corrupt fiat system, which is directly responsible for the negative outputs of our current system.

    The petrodollar is literally the route of evil if you account for the damages it has caused to the environment and is also responsible for funding never-ending wars in the middle east, which line the pockets of the elite. Bitcoin is an alternative system that removes the government’s power to an endless money supply, which only serves in the interests of corporate lobbyists.

    Life is only getting harder for normal people with inflation worsening, the stagnation of wages, and the wealth gap divide only getting bigger between the rich and the poor. Bitcoin is one of our last hopes of changing our current financial system since it removes the money printer.

    If Bitcoin is adopted by more countries and becomes the world’s reserve currency, this could offset endless wars and reduce the power of corporate lobbyists. Furthermore, this could improve the lives of ordinary people, which would make the carbon emissions a negligible result.

  3. Because crypto critics think crypto is useless. It doesn’t matter how much energy it consumes, it’s all a waste if you think crypto is useless.

  4. Because they are clutching at straws to find any excuse to brainwash the general public and turn them away from accepting crypto.

  5. The thing that always gets me: WHY ARE WE BLAMING THE USER OF ENERGY and not the PRODUCERS!! Blame the individual for your choice not to upgrade to sustainable power? YOu mean to tell me the high tech Future Wont use Energy? The conversation WE NEED TO BE HAVING is Cleaning up the grid. Not Punishing A Burgeoning next generation industry…

    Also, I feel like as a miner you have the ultimate incentive to go green: Free Money… Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can be minted from the sun.

  6. “I mean we’re talking here about the most efficient financial transaction system in the world”


    Bitcoin transactions per day circa 200,000

    VISA transactions per day circa 150,000,000

    Edit… I doubt if the whole banking sector and all of its IT systems use more than small fraction of the power used by bitcoin alone.

    As a small point, all of the UK’s Mastercard transactions were processed at a relatively small computing facility in Basildon, with a ghost site down the road in Southend. The company responsible was First Data Resources.


    The company also handles 45% of all US credit and debit transactions. It processes around 2,800 transactions per second (241m per day) and $2.2 trillion in card transactions annually,

  7. I think it’s more about scale, necessity and adoption. The amount of electricity BTC alone uses is batshit crazy considering it’s current usage/adoption levels. And this is only going to get worse by several times if we ever see a true breakthrough with adoption.

    Meanwhile cars are 100% needed (necessity) and extremely common (adoption). Bitcoin could literally disappear tomorrow and world would go on without 2 blinks of eyes but a few “told you so”s

  8. That’s because crypto poses a threat to total government control. If they can think of a way to scare people away from decentralized systems, they can control them better. They will go so far as to invent science that favors their narrative while silencing critics. Realistically this is still the greatest threat to crypto adoption imo

  9. It’s called gaslighting.

    In the current meta of the sociopolitical arena, gaslighting is one of the most effective techniques when attacking opponents to your POV.

  10. I’m pretty sure a lot of the people who have issue with power consumption of certain cryptos have issues with power consumption of other things, especially when those other things have alternatives (like PoS or just less resource intensive cryptos)

  11. My dad (I swear this is true) this weekend asked me why is mining crypto so energy intensive. I tried my crack at answering it but found his expression showed I didn’t answer it. He followed up with “yeah but what about all the environment issues with the big pits they are digging and trees they are destroying”

    what.. off geez he though we actually mined the ground of crypto in mines..

  12. You aren’t talking about the most efficient systems if you are talking about coins that still use waste of resources as proof, we have moved on from that primitive tech for most cases already.

  13. The conservatives proved useless in stopping the global warming myth, I think eventually political moderates will have to do it because the conservatives try to use every dispute for political means which ruins their messaging for any practical purpose.

    Anyway, there is a ceiling to the greenhouse effect. It doesn’t go up forever, Mars atmosphere is 95% CO2 and its freezing cold. Everything doesn’t get warmer forever. Eventually the atmosphere is “opaque” to long wave radiation and further additions of greenhouse gasses have no effect. If we haven’t already reached that point we will in just a few years. After that more CO2 has no effect on radiative forcing. This is purely scientific and has no political slant. Eventually someone level headed is going to have to get involved with this, the political conservatives who dominate criticism of global warming systematically reject any approach that would be helpful.

  14. I am all in for crypto but I really don’t understand why is it so hard for anyone to understand this:

    – “Anything is this world which exploits a resource without having actual use will be bashed by the society”

    Though cars and banks use a lot of energy a lot of people could actually see it’s benefits. How many people you think really knows what a bitcoin is?

    So stop blaming people. It’s an educational gap that needs to be filled so that people understand how bitcoin is better and what are its advantages as compared to the existing financial system and this will happen gradually.

  15. It’s amusing to me that those that righteously pontificate about the energy consumption of proof of work coins don’t think they will ever be measured by the same standards. It is a double-edged sword.

  16. Every product regardless of what it is will always have their “concerns”. Competitors will always choose a narrative and stick to it to keep them down.

    Once this energy consumption issue is fixed and can’t be used against crypto, they’ll just find something else to try and bring it down. If nothing works then you’ll see everyone jumping on it and pretend they never went against it.

  17. Proof-of-Work requires the most computational work. Essentially, you have a mathematical function that is not invertible, and you have the output of such a function, and you have to figure out which input produced that output. As far as we know, the only way to do this is to run through a bunch of inputs until we find the one that causes the function to produce the output.

    As a simplified example, consider the function f(x) = x mod 5. To find f(x), you divide x by 5 and take the remainder. For example, f(4) = 4, f(6) = 1, etc. I tell you I divided x by 5 and got a remainder of 1, and you are to find the number that I plugged in for x. That number is somewhere in the sequence x(n) = 1 + 5n, but n can be anything from 0 to infinity. So x could be 1, or 6, or 11, or 16, and so on. So, instead of giving me a number, asking if it’s the one, and then giving me another number, and so on, you clone yourself a bunch of times, and you and your clones shout out numbers, and then I point to the clone who gets the right number and announce that that is the right number.

  18. 100% agree. All technology uses energy and the use of energy doesn’t in itself produce carbon, only the production of energy.

    The issue isn’t crypto it’s the world leaders sleeping on dated energy producing infrastructure. I hate it so much when crypto is discussed and the first thing that’s brought up is that crypto mining is bad for the environment because they heard it on main stream news and that’s literally their only explosoure.

  19. They obviously will never compare the amount of energy bitcoin mining requires to the amount of energy it costs to maintain and build banking skyscrapers. Crypto does not need these obscene, yet cool, infrastructure, better make them affordable housing with great views

  20. Crypto is a disruptor to pre-existing markets. Those pre-existing markets are spreading FUD to remain relevant as long as possible.

  21. When all that energy doesn’t go to anything particularly useful, essentially powering the worlds biggest casino, surely you can see why people like to call it out as an issue.

  22. Bitcoin can scale to millions of transcations per second without any additional energy use via the Lightning Network. Also, let’s add up not only the energy use of traditional finance that would be replaced but also the massive economic inefficiencies of having a centrally planned currency.

  23. I always love it when gold bugs bring up the “environment” argument. Gold industry not only sucks for the environment but you’d also have to go through 10 years of bag holding just to break even if you bought gold 10 years ago today.

    Not taking inflation into account of course. It’s straight up a loss in purchasing power.


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