I figured out the key to life (and crypto)!

I don’t know if this belongs under the crypto sub but every day I read post after post and comment after comment from people that I believe can benefit from this small but life-changing approach.

I used to have a UPS driver that would deliver packages every day and when he would say goodbye, he’d never say, “goodbye” but instead he’d point at you and say, “Make good decisions.” I used to think, this is so simple and smart and this was the key to life. But after thinking about it for some time, I decided it’s only 50% of the key.

My first mentor told me, “You can blow like a leaf in the wind and end up somewhere amazing…or you can end up in the gutter. I would rather plot my course and know exactly where I am going to end up.” Thinking about what you really want and setting some specific goals is the other 50%.

So having a plan and making the best decisions you can make to reach that goal is the key to life. It works with everything from love/marriage to health and exercise to crypto and finances. This is where the crypto part of it comes into play. Crypto is just money. Based on what I read on this sub, people “want money” and they invest thousands of hours of their lives to reading charts, and trying to get in on the ground floor of the next moonshot, but they don’t think, “What will I do with the money once I get it?” They don’t invest even 5% of their time on thinking about what they really want. Because if they did, they would be approaching the whole thing differently. Instead of saying, “I want money to buy stuff…” They should be saying things that they *actually* want, like, “I want a summer home. I want a new car. I want to take 4 vacations a year. I want to pay for my kid’s college. I want to be able to retire at 63.” If you think about these things, the “what do I really want” items, and then write them down on a list, you can go after them. You will better understand the necessary next steps. It will become more obvious because you’ve transformed it into a defined problem, not this mysterious blob of “I need money.”

I recently had a conversation with a new sales rep that just started making some real money. He wanted to buy an expensive car to replace his not so old Toyota. He wanted to use the new car (a Land Rover) to go camping with his friends. I told him to pretend he’s on a game show and behind curtain number one, the host reveals his new car. Then behind curtain number 2, they show a new summer home! “Which do you choose?” He say’s, “The summer home, of course.” I try to explain to him that THIS is the exact decision he is making when he chooses the new car over setting a longer term goal and getting the summer home.

So if you have not done it already, if this is brand new territory for you, take a pad of paper and start to write down what you want out of life. And you are already WAY closer to getting what you really want.

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16 thoughts on “I figured out the key to life (and crypto)!”

  1. This is so true. I’ve been waiting on crypto gains to buy a new truck since 2019 and I’ve been waiting so long I just decided to get my credit straight and just save towards it. The point I’m making is, crypto is for long term life changes and the truck is a short term goal. I’m getting my truck next month after years of saving. This journey showed me that me waiting for crypto money to make short-term moves is not necessary. The mindset your should have with crypto is for ‘Summer Homes’ and starting a family. Not short term acquisitions

  2. thanks OP. You can go one step further and ask what is it that you are trying to get out of the goal. For example if its a car, why and what feelings are you trying to achieve… if you do this deep enough you would find that its actually the feeling you are trying to achieve , not the car, the car is a means to an end.. and most often you can actually get the same feeling without the item.

  3. I want financial independence and retirement. Pretty simple. From there, a life of leisure with loved ones and friends and all of my favorite hobbies. Doesn’t have to be some psuedo-philospohy. Just joy.


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