I dont want to be the next bitcoin pizza guy and i dont like holding my alts during their 70% freefall

If this is the most frequent post in this subreddit i apologise but it is indeed the most important and the part where most of us fail to execute succesfully as the psychological aspect comes in and fills us with greed.

Yes, many people are in it for the quick money but if you have a deeper understanding of the technology aspect of crypto, its a no brainer. It is here to stay -definitely not for the majority of the coins but some of them will be the next FAANGs –

The question is, do you DCA out or just hodl? The potential on many coins is exponential growth and you definitely dont want to look back in 10 years and see that you got 500$ instead of what could be 10k.

On the other hand, its painful to watch and buy dip after dip. I watched my portoflio drain in April 2021, got back to positive, then rode it down to the recent crash. I may have better allocation now but i definitely did not DCA significantly.

Whats your guys strategy on this? Im looking for concrete strategies to maybe follow for 25% of my portoflio

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  1. I like the red market….. I know how to get a discount. Yes my first bout with red was painful but I doubled down and it worked woohoo never looked back after that if it’s red I’m buying alot if it’s green I’m still buying but it would be a regular weekly buy. I save for the red light specials!

  2. The true investors are the ones who stay calm and navigate the rough water of bear market / recession. If you cannot handle this then simply don’t invest.

    There are many investment strategies. No one knows a priori which is the correct one. No one has a crystal ball.

    The best advice an institutional investor gave me many years ago was don’t listen to experts, don’t read the news. Do due diligence and allow enough time for your investment to grow.

  3. Real simple. Save lots of fiat, then buy after crashes. Only sell after a 20+% pump because it’ll come back down. Rinse and repeat. Sure you’ll sell at 20% pump and it keeps pumping to 30% but it’ll come down again for you to get back in. I got out 6 weeks ago and just bought back in yesterday. It’s not a perfect science but it’s worked for me. You gotta be able to handle being out and watching it keep climbing to 35% and stomach that

  4. since I do not invest with all my savings, i invest in coins that can gain value in the future. even if these coins lose value, i wouldn’t be too upset because i don’t lose all my savings.

  5. I am of the opinion we should review our goals whenever there are major changes within the projects we hold. DCA is the way, but don’t feel very enthusiastic about projects doing a 10000x, it might happen. If you truly believe the crypto you hold have some future, stop looking at the charts and spare yourself the emotional stress.

  6. Research on projects you believe in that you feel has a chance at being here 5 years from now….

    Don’t try to chase that quick dollar.


  7. Okay so my strat is a 40-40-20 growth fund setup.. 20% in a stable of your choice, (defi, farming, loans, liquidity, etc).. 40% in my long term hodl, and cold storage.. 40% in my trading allocation.. my trading allocation also has an additional 50-35-15 breakdown of “risk” tiers and would include my staking coins even if i would consider them long term investments…

    Now, lets say you trade every paycheque (every two weeks). Ill dca strait into my stables and re allocate from there… first step is to look at my trading coins, red days ill dca in (from stables) until ive hit my percentages, and on green days ill dca out (to stables) above a certain percentage ive decided im happy with.. (by red and green im talking about my bookvalue, not the cryptos specific charts) once thats done ill rebalance my stables and my long term hodl.. Obviously only if the stables allocation is high and long hodl is low.. i dont sell my longs or at least i have no plan to atm… at the very most i may put up my longs as loan collateral and go from there..

    I like this stratagy so far. Its worked well for me, and even in a bear market, i continue to keep my ratios, and continue to earn through defi and staking. However, there is deffinetly little to no selling in a bear market. I tend to keep the focus on buying at a discount and using my apy gains to continue the growth, and will revisit the structure when the bulls are back.. i try not to sell any of my positions in the red unless the project has died or is on the brink in a sense… i pretty much only exit my position when theres another project im interested in and i believe has a higher growth potential/longevity.. i also have a soft limit on how many positions i want to have.. i dont want to spread myself too thin or i wont make any money.. 10x on $10 is only +90, whereas 10x on $1000 is +9000..

    Edit: added some extra breakdowns

  8. I invest in projects I believe in. I hodl and dca.

    However. I’ve also done impulse gambling. I sell again, either with a small profit or cutting my loss before its getting worse. I need to learn not to be impulsive lol.

  9. As long as I can average down, I’m continuing to DCA.

    I believe in all my alts long term so not stressed. Every cent I’ve put in I’ve considered lost money anyway.

  10. I hodl 70% and trade with 30%. Never touch shitcoins just 70% btc, the 30% that i trade is a mix between btc and top 10 coins. I dont expect mooning just 5-10% growth, sell half, wait for market if it goes up sell at 20%. Same shit for doen if it drops buy at 5-10% half of it, if it drops more at -20%. If i the market moons i dont have fomo coz i already have 70% in btc just wait for price to drop to rebuy with my 30%.

  11. Like any investment, research the investment and if your bullish give it time to succeed ( more than a few months).

  12. i think when the next parabolic raise will come, you will feel the right moment to start dca out on bitcoin. for me the moment to start is, when i can get all the money i would earn until my pension by simply selling 80% of my bitcoin now.

  13. DCA is the way but youre delusional that a crypto project will become a FAANG and most of your investment should be in real companies that make stuff

  14. There isn’t any “right answer” to your question, it’s highly dependent on what coins your investing in and mostly comes down to luck. Some projects may do well with shit codes while others do bad with great codes.

  15. Each choice leads to a hundred more. You do you. No point asking others of their strategies as there is no guarantee recipe for success

  16. You trust your alts and you put money you can afford to lose? Hodl that shit.

    Is it shitcoins?! Sell them.

    You put money you can’t afford to lose, I can’t advice you what to do.

  17. DCA in during bear, DCA out during bull. You’re never going to hit ATH prices for selling and ATL prices for buying. You can’t time it.


    Also, like 85% of alts from the bull run in 2017/2018 never made their ATH price in the 2021 bull run. Be careful.

  18. The red market is more palatable if:

    1) You are emotionally self aware and do not act on impulse.
    2) Have a solid DCA strategy.
    3) Are invested in coins that earn staking percentages.
    4) Truly believe crypto is the future and truly believe it will recover.

  19. Bitcoin Pizza Guy got it. So you say you don’t want to get it?

    A (crypto) currency is useless if it isn’t used.

    >The question is, do you DCA out or just hodl?

    Accumulate + spend & replace.

  20. For me the best way is to diversify your ptf. DCA not always is the solution; indeed no one knows which one will skyrocket.
    Better a few hundred $ here and there and keep part of ptf in BTC and ETH.

  21. I accumulated a lot during the beginning of the year, I’m just holding and DCAing casually into BTC and ETH now. I hold a lot of alts, and I’ll continue to hold them, my avg is still pretty low on a lot of them. My target is 2030, so if we get there and some have made it, and some have died, that’s ok.

  22. I mean pull out if you think it’s going to crash and you can buy in later. Leave it in and forget about it if you don’t wanna watch the price all the time.

  23. I narrowed down to eight projects, two of which are stakeable with high percentage as of this time, so no matter the market, I am planning to dca for five years, and if not gain something – at least I can say I worked on my personal discipline, and add it as a unique abilities in resume

  24. My alts are bleeding. I’m
    Not selling. I have price expectations of where they’ll go before I’m willing to let go.

    I think we’ll certainly see a day of 10-20k ETH… with other alts moving in that strong direction as well.

    For now, keep buying.


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