How trustworthy is Pionex in relation to their trial funds?

Hi all,

Yesterday I got referred a code for Pionex to get $1288 in trial funds. How it works is that they keep the funds, but the profit of those funds would be mine. I have not done a lot of research on Pionex yet, but they have different crypto trading bots and other crypto investment options. Today I got a notification saying that I can receive \~0.6USDT as it is profit from the trial funds. However, to get those funds, I need to perform KYC and I don’t like to send that information willy-nilly to just any platform. So I was wondering if any of you guys have got experience with Pionex and what your opinion of it is. Also if any of you have used their trading bots, how have they performed? Some claim some insane APY so I’m curious how they actually (especially in these market conditions).

Thanks, guys!

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4 thoughts on “How trustworthy is Pionex in relation to their trial funds?”

  1. What’s the lowest amount you would outright sell your KYC info for, probably a lot more than 0.6 USDT. I’d avoid.


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