How to name our coin!!

There are several methods for naming your cryptocurrency:

1. Try to make a random meaningless name using a part of Bitcoin’s name. Something that doesn’t sound like a total scam.

✓ BitSmart

× BitMyarse

2. Use an unrelated mathematical term. Firstly It looks smart and cool.

“What coin have you bought? Calculus!
Wow. You are so smart.”

Also it makes people think that your coin is some kind of groundbreaking scientific discovery.

“Algebra (BRA) , making the future with blockchains one block at a time!”

3. Use a random animal name (preferably dogs, cats or Elon) , if that name has been used in a successful shitcoin before you, just add another name after or before it. Something that everyone loves (babies, cats, dogs, moon, not Elon).

Floki ———-
Floki inu ———
Baby Floki inu———
Baby Floki inu shit on Elon moon!

4. Use phrases that make it obvious even for the most stupid human beings that it is related to crypto and it is most likely a scam.(don’t worry they will invest either way)



A-Way VTU crypto


5. Add “safe” to any random name. Just almost like it might not be 100% safe. More like 99.99% safe.

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36 thoughts on “How to name our coin!!”

  1. best strategy is always to name it after something topical from current events

    see: SquidGame, Mongoose, Putin, Will Smith, GrimaceCoin…

  2. This smells of a shill, I bet you’re just trying to get us to pump your bags of BitSafeCalculusInu aren’t you? /s

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