How long till we reach ATH’s again?

Crypto is unpredictable and unforgiving. How long do
you think it will take for all of this to start being bull
again? My prediction is it could be as soon as DEC
2022. What do you guys think is a realistic time. I’m in
abit of FOMO and scared that things will explode soon. Yes we are in a horrible economic state and the situation is getting worse but what do you guys think will happen in the next 6months-2years. Will we ever go back to ATH in the time span. Will we go back to ATH next month? What are your predictions and thoughts?

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47 thoughts on “How long till we reach ATH’s again?”

  1. Somewhere between tomorrow and next years

    Maybe when a lot of people buy but less sell


  2. In order for all the fools to buy BTC at $60K or above, you need economy to be good. yes, many rich people speculated that we have reached the bottom (hence why we went up from $18K to $24K), but you cant have bad economy and still have fools becoming your exit liquidity. that can only happen in good economic atmosphere

  3. I dont know much about Crypto, but I try to look at a macroeconomic perspective. I dont know shit, but lets try anyway.

    From that perspective I think that the bottom has been reached for most Cryptos. Ofc, some shitcoins might explode, the ETH Merge might fail or be delayed again and you never know what regulations hit us.
    But, apart from that I think we wont go much lower.

    For a turnaround we need more economic stability.
    The market will be cleansed from zombie companies which have been kept alive during COVID and people who lost their homes or will lose them due to their job losses or inflation, will have to get back on their feet again.
    This will take some more time than during the COVID recession, bc Central Banks/the FED changed their monetary policy. So it will take more time, till the current recession is over.

    In Addition:
    For Europe it’s also dependent on how we manage the possible Gas shortage and how long the war in Ukraine will last.
    Another factor is China: Tensions with Taiwan/US and their internal Problems with the housing market could influence other parts of the world economy as well.

    After most of these things are settled and the boundaries are clearer, I think Crypto will get back to Higher Levels.
    Therefore, my guess is somewhere in 2023.

  4. Not while interest rates are rising. The fed needs to signal a rate decrease, and that’s not going to happen in the next few weeks. Just keep monitoring the macro.

  5. I’m also getting a hit of fomo both for stocks and crypto. Accumulated a reasonable amount over the last few months but have stopped since the rally. I’m stressing a little with fomo but I think for sure we haven’t seen the bottom in either market just yet. My expectation atm is for a nice rally for the next few months but will have a terrible end of this year and bad start to 23, bull market will basically start when this ends mid 23 onwards. My plan is to not really buy much now, maybe dca 25% of what I was but hold a lot of powder ready for 2023.

    Edit: mid 23 onwards = mid 23 is the soonest I’d expect it to start but likely later

  6. I don’t see us getting to ATHs anytime soon, despite the seemingly plentiful rallies we’ve been getting lately.

    Historical data would suggest we hit the very bottom of the market at or slightly past one year since the most recent peaks, so that would imply that we could see the bottom by November or December this year.

    What’s most important to realize tho, is that anything can happen and this is not a normal market. Even this recession is unique in its own way, but the effects of the economic downturn hasn’t even been felt in all markets yet.

    My personal guess is that the next bull cycle won’t begin until six months after the next BTC halving, but again no one is correct in their predictions until it’s ultimately proven true or false so it’s almost a moot point haha

  7. I’m from the future and in my timeline, the next bull kicks off March 19th, 2023. Tim Allen died in 2000 in this timeline, right?

  8. For who? Most of the OG coins issued before the 2017 bull market won’t see another ATH. Especially if inflation adjustments are applied.

    Bitcoin will have a long journey back to ATH, due to a number of negative price externalities. Current trends suggest that ETH and XMR will lead the way, being among a handful of OG coins likely to perform going forward, even as the others fade.

    Once the next cycle really gets going, the best performers will be coins released after the 2017 bull market; and/or contracts platforms on which stablecoins are issued (even if older like Tron and BNB), along with tokens issued on those platforms.

    Alot of people got caught out this past cycle expecting the markets to do what they did last time. Be forward looking, adapt, and play the market you have in front of you.


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