How I earn passive Crypto Income

I am earning Crypto every day with a lot of different methods.

1. []( \- one of my biggest passive Crypto incomes. You earn rewards by engaging with content on the sator app
2. Cardano staking
3. Nafter staking with a 100% APY at the moment
4. UnMineable Processor mining
5. Brave Browser BAT rewards
6. Random Airdrops
7. Coinbase earn, CoinMarketCap earn

All of these little methods aren’t much by themselves, but when you add them up every month together, they earn me a lot passively without having to do all that much.

How do you earn Crypto passively and what other methods can you suggest?

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  1. Not really “passive” if you have to consistently do work but definitely worth doing. I use the Carrot app that gives sats for reading articles. I have the Fold debit card that gives sats for all my purchases in conjunction with the Lolli app that gives cash back in crypto. I stake BNB, Luna, Cosmos, Algo on the trust wallet, Waxp in Atomic wallet. I also use Coinbase learn, and the Brave browser. You for sure have the right idea about every little bit counting.

  2. Defi farming sometimes earns me more USD per hour than the average worker, idk if it’s passive though it requires a lot of research and strategy and sometimes I get wrecked but 10% a day is to juicy

  3. Staking directly with the Harmony ONE team gives 10% APY low fees and 2s transaction times let you compound those gains really easily too!
    There are also various projects on the network where they’re are APY’s of anywhere to 100-200% and if you wanna head into the risky territory there’s recently been projects that have returns ridiculous rates such as 4000%!

  4. Another hot one for the list:


    It may not be considered “passive” but commenting on reddit posts and chatting crypto really is effortless

  5. Posting/commenting for moons.

    Technically not passive but 🤷‍♂️

    You can also use faucets if you can be bothered. They aren’t worth it IMO

  6. Besides all the way you’ve mentioned, I use a bunch of reward/survey sites. Some don’t necessarily pay in crypto, but i transfer it over as soon as i cash out.

  7. OP taking the hard stance of not even opening their vault for the mac-daddy of passive crypto income.

    I commend you OP. You’re a better man/woman/cyborg than most of us here

  8. Staking ADA on Adalite via Ledger
    Staking DOT on Kraken (I’m Lazy)
    CKB deposited in DAO
    Staking ETH2 on CB (I’m still lazy)
    VET doing its pitiful thing with VTHO
    ALGO Staking/Governance via Ledger + Algo Wallet
    Mining ERG (just my one GPU, but it’s something)
    BAT Rewards + Earn on Gemini
    MOONS but I’m not much of a farmer
    CRO Staking on CDC app + Jade card
    CB Debit Card for XLM

    …and I kinda want to get into ATOM after hearing about all the Osmosis stuff…

  9. Liquidity pool mining on BSC using

    CAKE BNB & CHR BUSD carries the highest yield APR right now and those pools are time tested. PCS has the largest TVL in all DeFi btw

  10. Blockbank offers good passive income with their CeFi staking and I am very positive about the project in general. Their Defi part will reveal more opportunitites in no time.


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