How do you think the cryptocurrency market cap will change in the next few years?

Currently, the entire crypto market cap is at around $1.98T.

As you can see on the charts, the change of the entire market cap during the years, we have seen some serious growth of the market.

My question is, do you think that the majority of people who wanted to be in crypto are already there and we won’t see such growth in the market, or is it just the beginning, considering the fact that only around 5% of the entire population hold some crypto?

**Basically, what are your predictions for the market cap to be in the next years? In one year? in 5 years?**

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24 thoughts on “How do you think the cryptocurrency market cap will change in the next few years?”

  1. For every new buyer there is a seller and vice versa.

    Given the lack of underlying fundamentals it is impossible to predict what could happen next week, let alone in five years.

    Simply put, what is driving it, fomo?

    I could have a go at predicting the price of copper, the price of APPL, but even then shit happens.


    it rises if buyers outnumber sellers, period.

  2. I would hope x10 (20T) in 5 years, but that might very well be by way of a /2 (return to 1T) and multiple ups and downs… Crystal ball says maybe.

  3. I could see it doubling in the nest 1-3 years tripling in 5 and 5+ I really don’t know, if positive it could hit like 10 trillion, if we go back to 1 trillion then I’d say we are in dark times.

  4. I think it’s relatively easy to say in 5 years it will be higher overall but for 1 year the jury is out and could easily be lower.

    If you take stocks as a general go by, chose any 5 years and it’s up except if you put something like 1929 at the end of your 5 years. While I fully understand it’s not exactly the same it follows the same general investment principal.

    That doesn’t mean for every 5 years every coin will be up, many will completely go by the way side but the general trend is up. Just a question of which vehicles you chose to get their.

    I can see in the not to distance future an equivalent to the DOW/S&P500/FOOTSIE, etc where you can invest in a basket of selective coins that are included in the total Market Cap.

  5. Hate to be a party pooper, but I think it’s possible it could be lower than it’s ATH for a long time (if the ‘bubble bursts’).

    I hope I’m wrong, but if this really is a bubble that could be the case.


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