How do you prepare for the next bill run?

I’m very convinced that we are actually in the middle of a bear market, and all these news about our continuing bout with new COVID variants, and the escalating war in Europe will just ignite the momentum of crypto and stocks alike.

For those who are already at significant loss (approximately 30% or more) and too late to cut loss, what are your plans in anticipation of the next bull run:

a) In what year do you think the next bull run will happen

b) What cryptos are you particularly bullish about apart from the big 3 (BTC, ETH, BNB)?

c) What blockchain is the most promising on years to come?

d) This bull run we saw the popularity of Proof of Stake, DEFI, NFT’s, and Metaverse. What particular areas in crypto will make the biggest gains next season?

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31 thoughts on “How do you prepare for the next bill run?”

  1. A) somewhere around 2022-2025.

    B) Siacoin, Ada, Algo and Atom.

    C) For use, BSC but like.pancake.

    D) Hopefully tokenization of real.state,.metaverse, true use of NFTs AND control of polls.

  2. A. Next bull run will happen in 2024.

    B. RUNE & ATOM. But mostly BTC & ETH.

    C. Bitcoin.

    D. If luck is a factor, nobody knows. If not, Bitcoin.

  3. Next bull run will happen whenever the macro conditions settle down, I think.

    I am bullish on DAO projects (real ones, not just cheap ohm forks). Usually each bull run is coupled with a narrative that can be latched onto and leveraged to push prices higher. For that you need a new trend and I see DAOs being that new trend. Right now is the building stage where I see a lot of people doing some fantastic things.

    Once we buck this sideways/down trend I’m confident DAOs will be there driving force.

    Most bullish chain? I’d say ETH and layer 2s.

    Some interesting DAO material to get you in the right mindset:

  4. How could it ever be too late to cut your losses? At the end of 2017 I was 15 x up on a largish investment. Over the next 2 years that went down to 1/60th so I was eventually 75% down on my initial investment.
    I’m hindsight, cutting losses at any time along that plummet would have been good. The only bad time to cut losses is when things are going up again.

    Here is a concept to blow your mind- The price you paid for the tokens in your portfolio has zilch to do with whether selling them is a good idea or not (tax purposes aside). Once you’ve bought them, what’s done is done and all that matters is your current wealth and what you choose to do with it.

    Another way of saying that which is also useful in a bull market- if you choose to hold at price x, that is the same as choosing to buy into the market at price x on that day if you had no crypto but the value in fiat (given that fiat and crypto are interchangeable aside from taxes.) that isn’t always a good choice. Whether you are 30% down is irrelevant.

  5. I as much as I can BTC and ETH and some Alts for diversification in times like today. I don’t know when the next bull run will be, but I will start selling off when everyone will start feeling hype and FOMO in the market.

  6. Pickup as much overtime at the fiat mine as I can to double down on DCA’ing. Every $ I’m investing will be worth at least x10 in 5-10years to fund early retirement

  7. I’m holding what I have, and adding BTC, ETH, and BNB along the way.

    Id wager the next real Bull run will start up 2023/2024, and will be driven hard after the next Bitcoin Halving.

  8. I don’t think Bill will run. He’s too pudgy. Even thought he is a Sergeant Barber.

    Boomhauer is in good shape, I’m sure he’ll run.

    Hank is a maybe.

    Dale can run.

  9. The next bill run eh? Is that some kind of mini marathon thing where people wear fake bird bills over their nose? I prefer bikini runs, but to each their own I suppose :p

  10. Next bill run? Right now is a bill run. Its always gonna be a bill run. Now let me run n pay my stacks of bills.


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