How do you cope with missed opportunities?

So we all know what happened with LUNA. I feel incredibly sorry for the people who lost money on this crash. I can’t imagine how it feels.
My point now seems significantly stupid and not important to these losses and sorry if I offend anyone, but what I want to talk about is part of the game and everyone could be handling it differently.

To the people who didn’t short this crash. How do you cope with that. I saw it at $50. I had the option to short and didn’t. I saw it at $10. Didn’t again. Saw it at $5, $1.2, $0.5…. Never clicked the button to short. I don’t know why and it’s all I think about. How my life would be if I just shorted. This could be my way out.

Again if you lost money during this crash, your problem is huge compared to mine and I wish you the best.

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35 thoughts on “How do you cope with missed opportunities?”

  1. >How do you cope with missed opportunities?

    You realize that the reason why the wealthiest investors in the world are as wealthy as they are is NOT because they chased opportunities, but because they sought safe havens for their wealth. Hedge funds are called “hedge funds” specifically because their job is to **protect** wealth, not necessarily grow it year-on-year.

    The same is true in crypto. To hit the crypto jackpot, it’s not enough to pick the 1,000x moonshot; you also need to take profits off that moonshot, otherwise you’re doing the equivalent of forgetting to cash in the lottery ticket until they’ve moved onto the next winner.

    If you didn’t short it at the time, it’s because you were still being risk averse. Good. Being risk averse is a good thing in volatile markets, because the opposite is just gambling.

  2. Dont waste time with the past, think about the future. Its just a waste of time, to think about missed opportunities. Sometimes its better from a financial and physical view point, to just be on the side line and watch.

    BUT you should always analyze your errors and try to learn from it. In the end Luna was “designed to fail”, but the negative comments where minimal and everybody was believing in the vision from the founder. Thats why critic is very important. If you see only FUD everywhere and dont want to spend time looking at the downsides of your investments, you will likely fail.

  3. When the harp of life plays you’re tune don’t fixate on the strings that are not being plucked but on the ones making the best music…
    So long as a tune is being played, you are winning..

    You’re only problems arise when the tune stops playing and no strings at all are being plucked..

  4. Unless you shorted BEFORE the death spiral started, it was a very risky move. There were lots of bounces that Luna made during its death spiral. If you shorted, you were hoping that you won’t get caught in those bounces and get liquidated as a result. There were some bounces that briefly made Luna do 5x or more, and a lot of bounces that made it do upwards of 40%.

    You might see it as an obvious win in hindsight, but it just takes a random 5-minute dead cat bounce to liquidate your trade completely. If you planned to leverage, the liquidation risk was a lot higher.

    To pull it off successfully was probably a whole lot harder than you think. View it like that and it’ll be easier to “cope”.

  5. You have a gambling addiction. Try to understand that Luna’s destruction, and everything you just said, is all that propagates the greed of the world that crypto has the power to change if used as intended. Unfortunately satoshi’s intention is lost now in the crypto casino.

  6. Don’t spend your life worrying about the what ifs.

    Just work hard to educate yourself and keep improving in all aspects of your life and one day you might nail it.

    That’s all you can do. Most of the market missed it, don’t let it fester.

  7. I love the saying “hindsight is 20/20” crypto will fuck with your emotions man.. just hope to win or hang in long enough to become a little more numb to it

  8. Sounds like FOMO to me.

    It always seems like a lost opportunity, but in this space you keep getting more opportunities. But remember don’t FOMO into it.

  9. Trust that the market would have pegged you (lol). As soon as you shorted there would be a small spike that liquidated you.

  10. By being satisfied with the opportunities you currently have. Chasing the next big thing thing will leave you with nothing.

  11. I haven’t thought about missed opportunities in years, it was something I did more when I was new to investing.

  12. I don’t care there will be others and I might catch one eventually. I consider crypto in general as one of these opportunities

  13. Tbh thinking about missed gains is useless and counter productive. No point in wallowing in self pity when you can work towards future gains 🙂

  14. No one knew for sure that was going to happen. I bet most people thought Luna would rebound or settle at a certain value

  15. Don’t know how to short 😂 would short without a heart beat as I see it going to $1 on Sunday and going to $0.001 as soon as it hit $1

  16. By having a sane perspective. There’s countless opportunities I don’t even notice each day.

    In 2019 I could have rejiggered my mortgage at 1% interest for 20 years. I didn’t because the incurred fine didn’t seem worth it when I would have gotten a new offer this year. This year the war in Ukraine send interest rates racing up.

    At the start of the covid crisis the stock market had a once in a lifetime crash. I profited on that a fair bit but I was too scared to go all in because I didn’t know what was coming. In retrospect, I should have dumped every cent into companies that were sure to recover. It was probably the easiest stock market bet of my life and I got cautious.

    Gold and silver going up due to the war in Ukraine was another obvious one.

    Looking at the past two years alone there’s numerous examples of investments that I thought were obvious well ahead of time but I was too cautious. It would have increased my wealth by hundreds of percent points if I’d gone with my gut but I didn’t.

    Hell, in the late 00s I mined buckets of bitcoins that all ended up in a landfill because I felt it was mostly a technological curiosity.

    If you get too focussed on missed opportunities, you’ll drive yourself mad because they’ll always outnumber the successfully taken opportunities by magnitudes. The more you look, the more missed opportunities you’ll find but there’s no such easy way to increase your successes.

  17. Don’t cry over spilled milk, tomorrow is a new day and new opportunities… If you think that way, why you didn’t buy bitcoin at 1$?

  18. Think about it like this, you could have timed the market wrongly despite guessing what could have happened correctly.

  19. Like others have said, you can’t catch every opportunity, you also can’t see the future – if you shorted it and it went wrong you could’ve been the one who lost everything.

    This is why you should have your goals and focus on what you want to achieve, otherwise you’ll be chasing everything, and honestly will probably lose a helluva lot of money doing it.

  20. Imho, the realization that there are virtually unlimited trades that you could do, while your portfolio only has a limited amount of FIAT to invest is the most important thing here.

    You cannot make every trade and you cannot time the markets perfectly. What matters is what you managed to do, nothing else.

    if you feel you did not make enough and you could have done more, analyze your strategy, revisit decisions you made and make a plan to improve. Then execute that plan, analyze how it worked, revisit it and improve again… Over time you should arrive at a return that makes you happy.

    The question shouldn’t be “why didn’t I buy?” but “what information was I missing, preventing me from seeing the opportunity in time?”

  21. Every opportunity is a chance for glory.. or absolute failure..

    If you are going to count your “missed opportunities” make sure you also count your “close calls”. You know.. where you ALMOST did, but didn’t and then things tank and you could have lost a ton but didn’t. Otherwise you’ll just slowly go mad.

  22. I tell myself that there are so many opportunities to make money. Don’t set a goal or what could be. Just try not to be greedy and think of many “what if”. Buy when red, sell when green basically. What goes up fast, comes back down fast


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