How diversified are you with your investments, crypto aside?

I’m a young professional, started working a year ago, and so far I’ve been placing 25% of my monthly salary into crypto (only crypto).

I understand that it’s risky, and would like to save in other ways too. But then, whenever I start deciding..

\- savings account offers 0.65% APR, meaning I’d be saving liquidity but also losing due to inflation

\- traditional markets have less fluctuation but are risky anyway, so may as well stick to BTC and ETH no?

\- can’t think of any other investment type that yields more than 10% py, enough to cover inflation..

Any suggestions that could help change my mind? Or are you all deep into crypto only, like myself?


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34 thoughts on “How diversified are you with your investments, crypto aside?”

  1. 10% luck


    50% concentrated power of will


    15% pain

    And a hundred percent reason to remember my portfolio is down

  2. -Savings have abysmal returns. So it’s just ok for liquidity, not for investment. It’s good to have a little bit of quick cash on hand. But not too much.

    -CDs are just stupid right now.

    -The bond market has been kind of a bitch. There are still some potential buys. If you want to play it safe, and you’re worried about inflation, there’s I-Bonds. You can make something maybe over 6% annually (not guaranteed), it will keep up with inflation, but in the end be a little behind.

    -The stock market is in a bear market. Which you may think means is time to avoid it. But if you have any long term plans, it may not be a bad idea to take advantage of the low prices right now. Even if it drops lower, if you stick to more blue chip stocks, or just index funds, there’s a good chance they will bounce back, barring any apocalyptic news.

    -Housing market. This one looks like it may be starting a correction. So you may want to wait. But even if you can’t afford to buy a whole house, you can invest in REITs. If the market corrects, there could be a nice opportunity.

    -Commodities. I don’t recommend jumping on oil, even if everyone is telling you the oil market is hot right now. It’s really more the time to sell. Things like corn also look like they may have peaked. Metals on the other hand got battered. But you have to have a really good reason to include metals in your portfolio. I wouldn’t recommend making it too big of a part of your portfolio.

    -Crypto. This is very volatile, and you really need to understand what you’re doing, and what crypto does. For the average person, I would recommend only investing less than 10% of your portfolio in crypto. However, if you are to invest in it, a bear market where Bitcoin got already hit by well over 70%, is a good time to load up.

  3. Diversification is key so I split my funds into:

    60% ETH

    30% ETH

    and 10% ETH

    Somehow this strategy hasn’t worked too well this year.

  4. If you’re in the US, check out I-bonds they’re paying 9.62% right now that’s better than most stablecoins and far more safe.

  5. 90% dividend stocks
    3% crypto
    7% silver
    More or less.

    I don’t count my 10 acres as an investment because I’m going to live on it.

  6. 80% stocks. 10% crypto. 10% cash.

    Stocks I invest in ETFs and index funds. Crypto I have staked or lent out. Cash in high yield savings accounts.

    Stock market is for slow, continuous growth. Compounding will do wonders.

    Crypto is the moonshot. I have multiple platforms with multiple portfolios so I can sell some tokens and keep others. Staking/lending to earn passively. I understand the risks.

    Cash is for an emergency. Whether that be health or a black swan event in the markets. If I find a good enough opportunity, I’ll jump in. Earning 1.2% on this, which sucks, but better than nothing.

  7. If you are willing to lock up for a year or longer, Series I bonds 9.62% right now. You can ladder these to accommodate your needs also. 25$ to $10,000 a year. You can gift a $10,000 bond to someone and have them do the same for you. IRS also allows an extra 5 grand if purchasing with tax refund.

  8. If i were you id start investing some of that monthly coin into ETFs that hold blue chip stock. Less risks and will pay you dividends you can reinvest (in most cases)

  9. I started working in 2018 and have been going all-in with all my disposable income.

    I can assure you that delayed gratification will pay off.

    Get the higher cap gems first the slowly move down the list. High market cap has lower potential for growth, but the probability is higher

  10. I’m a fulltime fastfood worker from the middleast originally from a southeast asian country..and I’ll put all my saving and 3/4 of my salary on crypto win big or be a homeless that’s my motto

  11. If you your employer matches your 401k contribution make sure to take advantage of it. Also, whatever you put in your 401k is not taxed.

  12. Check out the r/Bogleheads sub and read their “about” pages to understand what it’s all about.

    The magic is all about ultra safe, long term compounding investing. The earlier it’s started, the better. There are strategies to create generational payout runways so tge investments can be passed down…. or higher payouts to just cover your own retirement.

    It’s just 1 way of investing, I’ve randomly found it and it’s been of interest reading about it but it’s by no means the only way to invest. It is a great “set and forget” strategy though that needs next to no ongoing mental energy for its maintenance.

  13. My portfolio is divided1% in precious metals and cash, 1% in savings, 90% in LRC, 8% in GME. Moon or dust my friend. I’m also only 24 though, and I have a backup in case moon doesn’t happen by 2025, so my choices aren’t for everyone.

  14. I have investments in real estate, equities, crypto, and q little in precious metals.

    Crypto is too volatile for me to allocate 100% of my investments into.

  15. I’m mostly in index funds within retirement accounts and maybe 25% crypto but I am young and am comfortable with the risk

  16. I don’t remember much about it but I have read you could also invest in real estates even with low capital, kinda like buying stocks, I don’t recall the name of that, but it’s a good way to invest money when real estates are low in price.

    In my case, I keep 80% of my money in crypto and 20% as fiat on my bank account. I like living a simple lifestyle so I don’t spend much money, and thus I can easily save up.

  17. I use Current and get 4% for my savings pod and use the roundup feature, which I love and is an easy way to save with each transaction (I’m poor). I was doing $10 recurring buys biweekly on Gemini but have pulled my funds out and haven’t trusted another exchange yet.

  18. Retirement (15% of mine & wife’s income, with matches from our employers, all S&P500)

    Speculative investment account (5% of total income. Largest holdings $TSLA, $AAPL, $O, $CHPT)

    Crypto investing (5% of total income. Have been investing in crypto longer, so the amount I’ve invest is far greater than my speculative & retirement accounts. Paid off student loans and down payment for house with BTC in 2017. Invest in 30% BTC, 30% ETH, & other 30% split between multiple projects, notably SOL, MATIC, Avalanche. Stake what you can & enjoy the return over time).

    Also saving up decent chunk of cash to buy second home in next 2 years. Wife & I love well below our means with our 3 kids.

  19. If you don’t have a house I would highly recommend buying a 2-4 unit multi family in the next 6-12 months. A large single family that has multi bedrooms you could rent out would also work. Depending on where you live you could likely live for free this way.

  20. I’m currently about 10% cash, 40% crypto and 50% stocks. My stock portfolio is 40% Tesla, 10% index funds, 10% REITS, and the remaining 40% split over about 35 other handpicked stocks from various sectors. I would probably be 75% crypto if not for Celsius and UST disasters, lesson learned I guess, been a rough year.

  21. Lmao

    I’m like a opposite boomer

    90% Crypto

    – 70% BTC
    – 20% ETH
    – 10% OTHER

    10% Stocks

    60% Vanguard fund
    30% ARKK
    10% Tesla

  22. Everyone needs to have a diversified portfolio. Crypto should only be a modest percentage of that.

    * Real estate — Your main asset is your house. If you are renting, then you need to be saving for a down payment. Put this down payment money in a bank, not in anything that fluctuates
    * Stocks — Contribute regularly to a couple of well diversified funds like ETFs that mirror the S&P500 and the Global large Caps.
    * Crypto — Pick 3 or 4 top cryptos that you have confidence in and put a little money into each on a regular basis. Crypto is highly speculative, so it should only be 10% or 15% of your net worth at most.
    * Cash — Have a decent pile of cash handy for contingencies like being fired, major car repairs, home repairs, etc. I would say $10,000 minimum, but everyone has different circumstances.
    * Credit cards — Pay them off. Pay them off before you invest in anything

  23. 1) Put your first $10k in I-bonds on if US person. That pays out inflation, currently a 9.5% rate risk-free capped at $10k/yr/person.
    2) Max out your annual pre-tax contributions to 401k (up to $20k / yr or less if you need to stay more liquid). You can also direct these investments into Bitcoin through grayscale or the etf if you want.
    3) after all this (picking up free money and long term savings), spend it on going out and having a social life and dating. You’re in your 20s only once.
    4) After that, buy crypto and stocks as you desire.


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