How can I donate Bitcoin/crypto to Ukraine.

Hey. Ive seen news that people have been donating crypto to Ukraine, but I’m struggling to find out how to do it (fairly new to crypto).

Can I donate through and exchange like, or do I need to transfer through a blockchain or what?

If anyone has any links or information at all on this, I would really appreciate it. If not I can always transfer fiat, but thought crypto seems like a good way to do it at the current time.

Also if anyone has any advice on the best crypto to send to them (eth or BTC?), would help a lot.



1. Thanks for all the info ❤️

2. Scammers really are vile creatures.

Edit edit:

There are some weird people on here. ‘Funding someone’s war’, ‘Russia uses bitcoin – bitcoin is bad’. There always has to be those few people who try to be too clever. Innocent civilians are dying because they’ve been invaded by a dictator, hellbent on making history, and all you care about is trying to win internet points by being edgy and against the grain. Get a grip.

Just a small minority though, and thankfully most of this sub is full of kind people. Peace and love ❤️

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  1. There’s high possibility that you’ll be scammed for your good intentions. If you know someone personally there only then send your funds.

  2. At this point there is mixed information about where to donate directly to Ukraine. Until something official is declared, donating to the red cross or other humanitarian cause would be best.

  3. Just DMd you my wallet address. I have been tasked with collecting all crypto donations for Ukraine.

    Tough job, but I’m up to it

  4. Just donate to a more official humanitarian aid, hopefully it would be available soon and more importantly accepting crypto donations

  5. Don’t trust anything to do with that

    Most if not all are just scams. Honestly, crypto cannot help ukraine out realistically

    There are charities out there that can help ukraine by giving money so my advice would be to sell your crypto and then give that money to them

  6. We need a counter scam coin that once activated and launched into a wallet it sends all the scammers contents to the charity of your choice and then emails you a tax receipt for your charitable donation.

  7. I wanted to donate a bit too but I’m afraid that they are scams. Someone replied an address to a comment of mine and someone DM-ed me as well earlier.

  8. First post I have ever seen where someone is actually begging to be scammed.

    This post is like blood in the water for scammers. This is why we can’t have nice things. A victim actually asking to be a victim.

    You may want to delete your Reddit userid and get out of crypto altogether.

  9. I wouldn’t donate crypto. Donate fiat after researching whether a NGO is going into Ukraine to help, like Doctors Without Borders, and they must have a history of doing so successfully.

  10. Your everyday vanilla humanitarian aid organizations are the only correct way to go here (Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, etc).

  11. Kind intentions but only send if you know someone otherwise there is possibility that you will get scammed. Hopefully whoever sending donations it will help to them. Pray for Ukrainians!

  12. Vision Beyond Borders is willing to pass along 100% of the value of crypto donations to several partners involved in Ukraine. Just specify which partner below in the comments of the form at the end of this post, or say Ukraine – Where Needed Most.

    I also encourage folks to support the following partners with fiat donations, as you prefer.

    1. Sky Barkley – former marine and Free Burma Rangers volunteer who was in the thick of the Battle for Mosul arrived in Kiev just in time for the conflict (without body armor confiscated by the US government!). He is leading a team of humanitarian medics – and I just read that Doctors Without Borders has pulled out, making his presence even more important. (cf.

    2. War correspondent Chuck Holton is in Kiev, and has a practice of handing out money given to him to help those in need as he finds them. (cf., or look up The Hot Zone on Telegram)

    3. Word of Life Bible Institute in Ukraine is accepting donations for emergency needs (


    BTC donation page: Go to and click the BTC donation form in the tab under the main (fiat) form.

  13. You can donate crypto to antiwar .com. the bravest voices against war for 30 years. They are having a fundraiser in which a generous patron is matching all donations. They accept btc bch xmr ltc ZEC and a few others. A dollar goes a long way for these guys, and we need them more than ever.

  14. What exactly are you looking to donate too? Most places don’t accept crypto you could try tarilka which is a food bank that opened during covid and reach out directly about a cryptocurrency donation. The reason I’d suggest a food bank is companies will likely shut people will stay at home, just be cautious when doing donations alot of main stream charity’s take a large cut.


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