Hiatus on hookers and cocaine bruh

Well, I was here originally for hookers and cocaine.

Now with the recent crash/dip/fuck, hookers and cocaine are starting to look out of my price range.

Also, I’m in the USA, so Hookers maybe outlawed soon by Christians, coke ain’t going anywhere tho, GOP/Christians love that shit.

Maybe the crypto technology will save us LOL.

I’m sure there will be a recovery and hookers will come back, but a hiatus is among us I fear fellas.

We must all prepare as we must.

Anyway, thanks for the good times and moons. Buy the dip so my bags are lighter. KThxs

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12 thoughts on “Hiatus on hookers and cocaine bruh”

  1. I use to do the street to get some extra cash. Thanks to crypto I am used to be ass fucked so this is an easy job.


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