Hey Redditors! I’m sending some VINU to every commenter, up to a total of 500B VINU (~$12,000)



As the title says, I’m giving away a bunch of VINU to everyone who comments on this thread! **As well, we will giveaway 5×100$ prizes!**

**What is VINU?**

**Vita Inu (VINU) is the world’s first zero-fee, light-speed, dog coin with smart contracts!**

It is a token built on the Vite network in November 2021 by Vite enthusiasts. Much like Nano (XNO), Vite is a DAG network with near-instant transaction times and zero fees. But in addition to that, Vite is the first public chain to implement smart contracts on the basis of a DAG ledger. Because of this, VINU is the world’s first dog coin with near-instant transaction times, zero fees, and smart contracts! VINU is also proudly the #1 project on the Vite chain.

VINU’s philosophy is to provide education about cryptocurrencies in a fun and ethical way. It does so by building a fun and engaging community around the cryptocurrency project. It is also currently sponsoring a[ blockchain awareness program in India]( (and previously[ Nepal]( and will continue to do more for blockchain awareness elsewhere on the globe.

VINU is unlike other memecoins. First, VINU is committed to paying all its community members fairly for their contributions to the project. Members receive VINU as rewards for moderating social media and community platforms, organising events, creating artwork, and so on. Second, VINU leans into transparency in legal compliance, with legal opinions valid in the EU and US. Last but not least, VINU is committed to the fair distribution of a significant portion of its total supply.

VINU even has its own **tipbot** right here on Reddit, where our community can tip tokens without transaction fees & you’ll see it in action in the comments and over at our subreddit!

Here’s some of VINU’s achievements in the past five months since its creation:

* Listed on[ Vitex]( MEXC]( Bitrue,[ Digifinex]( Hotbit]( Chainbits]( PancakeSwap](
* Partnered with **Simplex**, the world’s largest fiat-to-crypto service provider.
* Featured on[ **Investing.com**](
* Sponsored a[ blockchain awareness program]( in India & Nepal.
* **Bridged to BSC** \- VINU is now on two chains;[ VITE (native)]( &[ BSC (bridge)](
* BSC Contract: **0xfEbe8C1eD424DbF688551D4E2267e7A53698F0aa**
* Became a supported token on[ **tip.cc**]( the largest cryptocurrency tipbot on Discord.
* A full[ pixelart animation]( of VINU beating up Shiba
* And there’s much more planned for the project – including a **metaverse (“Vinuverse”)** with a full **VR World**, a **decentralized swap (“VinuSwap”)**, **NFTs**, **Games**, and more.

As you can see, VINU is clearly one of the top dogs!

Did we mention there’s also a[ free faucet](

**How to participate in the Airdrop?**

1. You will need a **Vite address** to participate in this giveaway.
1. Get your Vite wallet [here](
2. Here’s a[ guide]( on how to set up your Vite wallet
2. Comment your Vite address below!
3. Follow us on our socials if you want more updates on our project:[ Twitter]( Discord]( Telegram]( Instagram]( Facebook]( Medium]( (List of country-specific groups:[

**The giveaway will end in 48 hours, or when I run out of VINU, whichever is faster.**

Don’t miss your chance at getting yourself some free VINU!


Hop over to OUR REDDIT or join the community on[ Discord]( or[ Telegram](

Our friendly neighborhood community moderators will be ready to help you!

*NOTE: We would be remiss not to point out that we’ve been hugely inspired by the Nano giveaways on this sub in the past. In fact, Vite and VINU were created to allow “feeless & instant” to be brought to Web3, and a significant number of team members from both projects were/are active Nano community members.*


**- Didn’t receive a reply after posting your Vite address? This may be because the accounts making the comments have been rate-limited by Reddit. You should still have received your rewards. Verify all successful transactions here:** [**

**- Didn’t receive your VINU? This may be because the script that’s handling the giveaway is stalling. We’ll be monitoring its activity throughout the day, but there may be some gaps here and there. You’ll receive your VINU, regardless!**

**- Getting an error from the faucet? This may be because your account is entirely new, and unopened. Once you receive your VINU from this giveaway, you should be able to start using the faucet.**


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