Has your patience spilled over to other areas of your life?

If “not your keys, not your coins” is Rule 101 of crypto, then “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose” must be Rule 102.

Inflation and living costs are increasing faster than our salaries. On the other hand, with the prevalence of social media, we are more aware of how others are leading their lives. This means that people who attain the FIRE lifestyle are held as role models for the rest of us to emulate. More than ever before, there’s pressure on us to not just accumulate enough wealth, but to accumulate it faster than everyone else.

However, for most of us ordinary folks, following Rule 102 means that we conscientiously DCA a certain amount of money regularly instead of throwing lump sums of money into the crypto casino. I know many of us have a crypto date. The moment our salary hits our fiat account, the DCA money will be automatically channelled towards crypto. Owning one BTC (or even one ETH) is like conquering a mountain – slowly, laboriously, one step at a time, both eyes on the horizon.

Investing in crypto has polished our patience, regardless of our initial temperament, because like it or not, we must be in it for the long term instead of going all in for the short term. So my question is, do you think the patience that you cultivate through investing in your coins has benefited you in other aspects of your life?

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28 thoughts on “Has your patience spilled over to other areas of your life?”

  1. Investing in stocks and index funds makes me patient. Investing in Crypto makes me compulsively check Coin Market Cap every twenty five minutes.

  2. Investing, in general, takes patience, discipline, and a level-headed mentality. Across the board, with all markets. Even playing poker, patience is a huge part of it.

  3. Absolutely. It’s a very long game we are playing and a huge amount of discipline and patience is needed for this

  4. I made a lot of mistakes back in 2015 and learned many lessons as a result – the biggest of which was to never trust institutions of any kind, as I got burned by Cryptsy. Thankfully it wasn’t much as I was still experimenting and much poorer. Since then I’ve grown as a person and I’m much more patient overall. All of this, I feel, put me in a very good position when I jumped back into crypto shortly after the Luna collapse.

  5. I joined to be a millionaire overnight, but then I heard something that really changed my perspective.

    “Don’t try to get rich quick. Get rich for sure.”

  6. Rule Number 1 of personal finance: Spend less money than you make.

    Rule Number 1 of economics: all economics is about sex.

    Rule Number 1 of doomsday prepping: never sell anyone anything that they can use to kill you.

  7. Not life generally but definitely understanding markets themselves and the way FOMO drives them up and running for the exits fucks an asset 👍

  8. Not really. But I guess I do think twice now about buying certain things. I will think oh that could go to my little eth pot instead. So it’s helped in that regard.

  9. I’m a very impatient person. But crypto is the only part of my life where I am halfway decent at being patient.

    So yes. But also no.

  10. ^(1 coin = 1 coin)

    1 coin = 1 coin

    # 1 coin = 1 coin

    That’s how I roll anyway. Yet to lose a single coin! 😭

    I don’t know if I’ve become more patient. Perhaps more numb

  11. Yeah. I’m currently waiting for my fiancée to get a visa so we can get married. We filed in 2021 when the wait period was supposed to be 4-6 months. It’s been 13 months since then and no update. It’s exactly like how crypto plays out.

  12. Why yes! It has.
    I check the weather constantly, started browsing for things I can’t afford to buy yet.
    I’m constantly checking Steam for any new releases I might have missed.
    The same with Reddit, I keep browsing it in fear of missing something.
    Whenever I read a book, the first thing I do is read the last page, so I can sleep well.
    At the movies, I come in early to check the ending before a next screening starts.

    Crypto truly changed my life!

  13. It didnt teach me much, it reinforced my patience though, I don’t act as hastely anymore and whatever I do I need to consider it being an investment, in myself.

    I know cutting shit down to numbers seems eh, but money is non discriminatory, i invest in other people with the hope they will stand by me when I need the help as well

    I weigh my opportunities just like I weighted buying an SP500 or Angelblock, but apply it to people

    Everything I do is for myself in the end, doesn’t mean I will kill people for money, you make more by being friends and loving, in the end.
    Investing, in this case, refers both to money and time.

  14. The first rule of Crypto club, is don’t talk about Crypto club.

    Sounds like a meme, but it serves to keep you and your crypto safe. $10 wrench attack is a thing.


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