Has anyone heard of jonexbit?

I guess long story short would be that I “won” a competition on discord and the 2nd place prize a some BTC. But the only way to get it was to claim it through jonexbit. From what it seems, it gave me my winning amount but I can’t withdraw it without depositing crypto first.

Are they a scam?

I’m not too well diversed in the world of cryptocurrency and came across jonexbit. They look legit at first sight but the more I dive into it the more sketchy it seems.

Is it normal to have to deposit $700~ in crypto in order to verify a wallet for withdrawal?

I’ve seen Coinbase and some others but I just wanted to see if there were other better options out there.

Edit: Scam

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  1. >winning btc on discord
    ** **
    >having to deposit money on an unknown site in order to claim the “prize”

    Guys, is this a scam ?

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  3. The platform itself seems legit, but as others have mentioned, if you have to pay $700 for your winnings, you probably don’t have any winnings at all. Who was running said giveaway, and how much did you supposedly win if you don’t mind me asking?

  4. You’re walking into a scam.

    Nobody is giving away BTC on Discord. Ever.

    You will never have to deposit money into something to obtain a prize.

    Change “crypto” to “money order” and it’s literally the Nigerian prince script.


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