Governments acting as if their regulations are going to be supporting crypto to reach mass adoption. No, we don’t need that.

I don’t like how some people are believing that governments are going to play a part in the adoption of crypto. I mean if a country X accepted to start regulating crypto, we will eventually end up having our money controlled by the same old greedy bankers.

I understand that crypto needs a lot of improvements, especially in terms of protecting investors. I mean if cryptocurrency projects can be making their investors a priority, then we will be having a valid argument saying no to governments trying to control crypto.

I believe that rug pulls and scams are the most dangerous things cryptocurrency is currently facing. But this definitely can be solved without the need for any third party to interfere. I mean we already have launchpads like Solana Prime working on finding decent projects to bring them to the market, and issuing insurance funds to protect investors from scams.

I mean this is an example of how we can be protecting investors without the need to get any interference from governments. Being able to solve crypto issues without any regulatory party literally means that we’re protecting the core of the entire market, this is why it’s one of the most necessary steps that crypto should be taking.

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8 thoughts on “Governments acting as if their regulations are going to be supporting crypto to reach mass adoption. No, we don’t need that.”

  1. The governments need to lay out clear regulations for institutional investors to follow before actual mass adoption occurs, but trying to meddle and “help” is just gonna backfire like 99% of the time s government gets involved in something. Any investors getting scammed need to be responsible and not expect any less from a new project. If your getting scammed your probably just gambling anyway

  2. There is no mass adoption without regulations,

    Never has there been such a thing, internet infrastructure had to be regulated to be built only then mass adoption came

    Accredited institutions exist for a reason, KYC exists for a reason, Kaddex had KYC because its a safety for the customer

    Research it a bit deeper than the first post on reddit, the market mostly drives itself but the government drives the trust.

  3. Imo either regulate it fairly and don’t half ass it or don’t regulate it at all.
    The goal is freedom of assets in a decentralised application. CBDCs are a great elusion and contradiction to the idea of crypto


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