Gold is the new bitcoin

Hey, I could be wrong. Only time will tell, but that’s what it looks like to me. The Russian invasion is pumping gold and oil, and increased oil pushes toward stagflation. Yes these effects will be temporary, but I see them as a catalyst for what we’re already heading into: a slowing global economy with historically high debt levels. Look at the last major stagflation event in the USA in the 70s/80s: gold prices tripled.

As much as I love crypto and think it’ll do well long-term, it’s still an extremely high-risk asset class. This is risk-off, flight to safety. Bankruptcies will spread, distrust in institutions will grow. Crypto will plod through another bear market as we enter a precious metals supercycle.

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19 thoughts on “Gold is the new bitcoin”

  1. Well… I am planing on buying on way down.

    Then selling in 3-4 years time for profit.

    BTC I mean, not gold.

    Looking for a better ROI over long term

  2. Lol ok buddy. Bet you didn’t say shit like this when crypto was ar ath and gold was had negative %. How fast people flip flop and talk out of their ass with hindsight.

  3. People are creatures of habit. Bankers etc are used to going with gold in times or turbulence. Maybe in the future they will turn to bitcoin instead. Or more people will do so.
    It’s unlikely to happen any time soon given its volatile price.


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