For the OP who got rug pulled: How to catch a scammer

So… I hate scammers. In regards to this post:\_got\_rugged\_half\_my\_folio\_gone/

The best (only) way to screw them over is to not fall for their scams, period. These are not intelligent people. They are adept at manipulating, and spitting in your face afterword’s.

I did a domain/IP pull on the polyroll website to see what addresses, email, or phone they were registered under.

I then googled the arizona address listed (which is now a yoga spot, stressful lives these devs live after all), and look what pops up in the results…

and in 2014!! –

The dummys even listed some washington music shop under an arizona address on this site. The interesting part is the new york phone number listed and obviously fake facebook listing with one “like” from a foreign person. Now i dont think they are dumb enough to like their own fraudulent listing, but i dont see why anyone would have liked that page otherwise. And if they made a fake account, why not use an American name?

Sounds like they are either from china, and have been doing this for a while. And considering how the twitter explanation reads like a non native english speaker in certain parts.. You live and you learn. Always always always do domain IP searches on these types of websites. Very easy to track patterns, and lazy scammers who dont know how to register different locations because that would cost extra money. ALWAYS do due diligence.

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25 thoughts on “For the OP who got rug pulled: How to catch a scammer”

  1. I always found it hilarious that they can’t speak English very well. For me it’s a dead giveaway. Yet some people still look past that fall for the scams.

  2. The concept of a decentralized casino (the one the person got rugged in) just seems off. Who is setting these lines and insuring them? Okay smart contracts locking funds, but then is there an oracle adjusting the lines? What’s governing the oracle?

    So you make a Dao to govern the oracle, then what do those people know about line setting and then what’s the point of the initial token you are betting with? Just a lot of red flags and questions

  3. This is indeed helpful as textbook instructions. Although as long as there are gullible people, there would be scammers. Scammers also evolves you know.

  4. Also never smart to go that far in on altcoins tbh. I got rugged once and learned my lesson. Glad it didn’t cost half my portfolio to learn though.


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