Flow Blockchain: To be supported by Meta & Instagram for digital collectables and nfts.


Flow Blockchain has been supported by Meta & Instagram for the use of buying and trading digital collectables & nfts through the “hellodapper” wallet which has since been integrated on Instagram. [

This has caused the price of Flow to increase by around 45% on daily.


* Login to IG.
* Tap your profile, then settings.
* Tap Digital Collectibles Select Dapper.
* Tap continue
* Enter your pw if needed Tap Sign Tap OK

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6 thoughts on “Flow Blockchain: To be supported by Meta & Instagram for digital collectables and nfts.”

  1. Flow is the 8th blockchain to get native USDC support. This isn’t something to laugh at. Polygon doesn’t have native USDC.

  2. I don’t have the option yet. I don’t get their strategy; they basically turned themselves into TikTok with all the reels, so how will this be an NFT marketplace?

  3. Flows multi role architecture is quite elegant, good choice by Meta i guess.

    I wonder what other blockchains Meta is going to use, seems like they are on quite the roll with blockchain companies as they did the Oasis partnership last week.

  4. Here is a [Nitter link](https://nitter.net/flow_blockchain/status/1555206540239335425?cxt=HHwWgsCj9fiGmpUrAAAA) for the Twitter thread linked above. Nitter is better for privacy and does not nag you for a login. More information can be found [here](https://nitter.net/about).

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