Family OS – a brand new social media platform

Family OS. A brand new social media platform. (OK it is basically just like twitter but with crypto payments enabled in them…but hey we all know how shitty twitter is so this is a much better version of it. Atleast at the moment, it is.)

It has been recently launched. It has already been upgraded once. It is crisp, fast and neat. Very responsive devs and quick to resolve any issue or query. It already has its own ledger explorer. It’s whitepaper is something simply amazing…It is a complete book 91 pages long. Highly recommended.

To sum it up, think about twitter but a blockchain version of twitter, with inbuilt crypto payment using its native FAM coins. It is free to use obviously. And what’s more, as a part of its launch, it is offering rewards for early adopters.

That’s correct. If you download it right now, and open up a profile, you get 500 FAM as a reward. (with a lockup period of either 6 months/1 year/2 years. Plus, additional rewards in FAM, simply for staying active and using the app!! It has a fucking lot of potential, it is brand new and simply awesome.

**To download Family OS and claim your free reward:**

\-Open joinfamily . xyz on your desktop browser and click on get Family OS.

\-Download the technical preview depending on your OS.

\-Create a wallet, save your seed phrase.

\-Go to rewards section, you will see various tasks. Activate them all, claim your free reward.

\-Click on ‘CLAIM REFERRER’ link. Enter 9rafu in that link.

\-Click on WITHDRAW at the top of the rewards page. You can select lockup period and enter amount. (Enter full amount. The lockup period will be proportionate to how much FAM you will get post completion. Post 6 months, you will get 1x the locked up amount. Post 1 year, 1.25x. Post 2 years, 1.5x.

\-Click on SOCIAL tab to buy a name on family social. Or click on bottom left on your id and select ‘Buy a family name’. Remember, you can buy as many names as you want, but they will cost you FAM. (Pro tip: Longer the name you choose, cheaper it’ll be. You can save FAM that way)

\-You are all set!!! Start using the social platform and let’s have fun đŸ˜€

PS: If you need help with anything, drop a message below or dm me and I will help you out.

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