Evidence that Charles was involved in front-running SundaeSwap, part II

This is a follow-up to [

In that post, I gave a list of about 150 addresses that connected IOHK’s wallet to the billion ADA unstaked wallet involved in the SundaeSwap front-running. Naturally, I was accused of FUD, saying that I made it up and that there was no way someone could track that accurately.

Here’s a much shorter path connecting the two wallets.

Starting from IOHK’s address [ it takes less than 15 steps to go from that wallet to the billion ADA unstaked wallet associated with the SundaeSwap front-running.

You can see in the left column the outgoing address along the path, and in the right column, you see the amount of one of the transactions from the prior address to that address. The right column only gives one transaction amount even when there may be others, since it’s only looking at the first page of transactions when going to the transactions page. If there were dozens of transactions outgoing to that address, then the right column only is reporting one of them listed on the first page of transactions. You can see that all but one transaction is on the order of hundreds of millions or billions of ADA. This is not IOHK paying an employee (unless employees are being paid hundreds of millions of ADA!).

To follow along with how to read the table, first go to IOHK’s original wallet [ Then find the first outgoing address in the table above and click that link to go to the transactions for that address.

So click on: [

Then go to the next outgoing address in the table: [

Then go to the next outgoing address in the table: [

The rest of the sequence is given below for you to verify yourself:











You don’t need to question whether I made up these transactions or manipulated the Cardano blockchain in some way. These records are immutable and they are available for you to verify, so go verify. I will probably be accused of being a paranoid schizophrenic again, and maybe I am, but who cares! The point of blockchain is that you don’t need to trust me or anyone else. I know some of you reading this will instinctively be defensive and lash out with insults, but I dare you to verify the transactions yourself before downvoting.

**Edit:** What may blow your mind more is what happens when you either Google “Ae2tdPwUPEZ6xYrxCgRDM2NQFM5oajHEoJN3i9ZVV2AbsbvxoJBjVu3yP7W” and go to the cardano.org forum link or Google “Ae2tdPwUPEZ6xYrxCgRDM2NQFM5oajHEoJN3i9ZVV2AbsbvxoJBjVu3yP7W twitter” and click the Twitter link with a tweet of that address.

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43 thoughts on “Evidence that Charles was involved in front-running SundaeSwap, part II”

  1. For those who may not know the term:

    *Frontrunning, simply put, is trading of cryptocurrencies based on publicly unavailable information about a future transaction.*

  2. >The rest of the sequence is given below for you to verify yourself

    70% of the people here: “Let me just scroll past this entire wall of blue text……”

  3. This is smoking gun shit and I really hope this one doesn’t get ignored like the last ones.

    Charles ***needs*** to respond to this.

  4. This isn’t “proof” of anything. If you want to accuse someone of fraud a Reddit post linking to other Reddit posts and random transactions isn’t anything. Yes blockchain is immutable, but how do I know what we’re looking at?

    1) define the accusation, how much, from who, to who?

    2) how do I know whose wallets are whose wallets?

    3) what is the accused party’s explanation (if any) and why is it insufficient?

    4) write it somewhere that’s not a social media post where all of the information is laid out in one clear format

    This isn’t evidence of anything until you define what we’re looking at. Reddit is not a forum for accusations of fraud.

    If you think you’ve got something write it up and take it to the authorities. That way you’re putting your money where your mouth is because false accusations in a court of law are a crime.

  5. I’m reading this at face value as someone who is genuinely trying to help people understand bad actors. But it seems you are trying to sensationalise and do not understand how UTXO blockchains work. Your conclusions are not valid.

    Think about what 15 steps means. It means 15 degrees of seperation. Every person on the planet is more linked than that.

  6. Please upvote so Charles can address the situation.

    As always, I would give the benefits of the doubt.

    Charles Hoskinson is pationate by what he does and it would be unusual to sacrifice all that to make quick money on insider trading.

    The hate toward Charles Hoskinson is as big as the hype toward ADA when it was going up. Both event were absolutely unrealistic. People really need to calm down. The potential of a crypto project is much more than its current price.

    And thia goes to Cardano, Algo, etc.

  7. That’s not an evidence, if that would go to court the judge would laugh you out. The only thing we know is that the front runner received some ADA loosely connected to a billion ADA wallet, we don’t know anything about the deal behind it and who those people are.

    I am not a big sundae swap fan, but somehow connecting it to Charles is ridiculous and not evidence based, it’s like connecting you to a criminal because he holds the same bill as you after 15 people had it. After reading your rhetoric in former posts I see it definitely as FUD on purpose. Don’t you people get tired? Scared? And people concerned about it, think a second about former FUD theories about ada, where are they now?

  8. It does take incredibly deep technical knowledge of the inner workings of sundaeswap and the datum structure for the front runner to build a transaction satisfies the validation criteria. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an insider.

  9. To me nothing of this post looks like actual evidence. It looks like searching evidence for a perviously made assumption to me. Might be wrong tho

  10. Yeah I think people with too much time should go hunt NFT buys that come from the sellers wallet in order to fake the price. This would actually help community and expose scams.

    OP has both time and looks like he knows how to use explorer. Problem here is you cannot prove this is actually CH. You can speculate, but this is not certain proof.

    NFT scams you can actually prove and it would actually be beneficial for the sub.

    Sure you get a lot of moons out of posting half evidence against CH on this sub, but it doesn’t help in any way.

  11. OPs reddit trackrecord is more suspicious than this “evidence” he provided here.

    It starts with this doozy of a thread where he announces to the world that he finally sold all his ADA because a Plutus “Hello world” bug didn’t get fixed in a week: https://np.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/r23dup/finally_out_of_ada/
    The minor issues he talks about here were all fixed a long time ago…

    And after that it’s like two months of strange conspiracy theories, drama and lies.


    A big fat lie. He didn’t verify his claim that IELE was abandoned at all. Only when someone asked for evidence he managed to find something that could indicate he was right but it only took me 5 minutes of searching to debunk that.


    His conspiracy theory of an address using bots to inflate the daily tx volume of Cardano. The address he linked had 12k tx in 4 months while Cardano has more than 150k tx per day. Obviously this has no impact on daily tx volume and he knows that so I can only assume he is trying to spread FUD.


    Another conspiracy theory based on a random reddit thread of someone losing some ADA. You can’t stretch it any further.


    Acting like the FUD about congestion was right. Cardano is not congested anymore, the FUD was wrong. Cardano had a couple of weeks of congestion to stresstest the protocol and make some adjustments. Anyone in the Cardano community knows this and knows exactly how Cardano is scaling this year.

    You really need to be a next level weirdo to do this. Either he is getting paid very well to take FUD to these extremes, got hacked or he lives in his own delusional world and actually believes all this. And yes I have nothing better to do right now.

  12. 1 question why the fuck would be bother. The man was a billionaire before the first cardano paper was written, why would he try and do some shady shit.

  13. Could it be from the C Fund? SundaeSwap Labs, decentralized finance (DeFi) platform company, said today that it secured $1.3 million in a seed funding round by cFund, a Blockchain industry early-stage startup capital fund. SundaeSwap Labs is a software business working on a suite of tools that would enable Cryptocurrency trading and usage on the Cardano Blockchain


  14. I‘m so happy I already sold all my ADA. After watching a video of Charles talking some shit about birds when he was obviously supposed to talk about smart contracts, this made it clear for me that he is not capable of steering the future of Cardano.

    P.S. Great detective work man! It‘s good to have this important info shared here.

  15. You know what… I’m over calling CH a snake oil sales man! I’ve decided, he’s the tapeworm guy!
    CH: “Come one! Come all! Buy some tapeworms! You’ll lose weight and eat as much as you want!”
    Passerby: “How does it work?”
    CH: “Take this pill and you be all set!”
    Passerby: “Are there any negative side effects?”
    CH: “Just take the pill and lose weight! Doctors all agree losing weight is the best way to help so many ailments!”


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