Everyone here has no idea how lucky they are for missing out on Web 3.0 and DeFi.

If you did use them during the peak of the bull run you would:

* Take out a loan using your BTC and ETH as collateral and get liquidated

* Take out a loan to add more BTC and ETH to your position and get liquidated

* Play decentralized lotteries and get liquidated (but slowly)

* Yield farm your way to zero net worth because every single farm token is down in the gutter

* Stake your ETH in Lido and then take out a loan based on your stETH (get liquidated)

* Invest in Abracadabra and Wonderland only to get royaly rekt by the dev and his partner in crime

* Invest in OHM because it is DeFi 2.0 and get double rekt

* Leverage trade on DYDX and get liquidated

Yes, DeFi and Web 3.0 are awesome… You should try them sometimes.

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37 thoughts on “Everyone here has no idea how lucky they are for missing out on Web 3.0 and DeFi.”

  1. Yeah you know, if you don’t leverage yourself like a degenerate, you don’t get liquidated and get free money instead. Your list is just nonsense.

  2. Idk man. Sounds like you lost a lot? I am very happy with defi, nearly doubled the coins i had. Ofc dollar price is down, but it would have still be down even if i didn’t play with defi (i would just had fewer coins). Ohm and wonderland’s apy shoild have been a big red flag for ppl anyway, but still some made money. About LPs come on thats free money (unless you are playing with some shitcoin). Borrowing and lending you just have to watch your things a bit too often but still profitable…
    I mean you could loose money with defi if ypu really try to… Idk man…

  3. I bought part of a house in memphis on defi.

    Sounds like you need to find some better defi projects.

    Also earning $50 a day from 2.5k on defi, God bless defi.

  4. or you could also invest in netflix, leverage 25x and get rekt there … just because you are making bad decisions doesn’t mean that something is inherently bad.

  5. If you know everything about Defi, you should definitely use that to maximise your returns but if someone is new in Crypto and don’t have much knowledge about how this works, then they should learn about it first before jumping in

  6. “Yield farm your way to zero net worth because every single farm token is down in the gutter”

    Seems like you haven’t heard about Cosmos/ATOM yet.

  7. I only scored 2/8, do I still get a prize? Learned a lot of lessons though which will stand me well going forwards.

  8. Is there a r/buttcoin subreddit for DeFi haters that are either upset that they don’t understand it or missed the boat? If not this is a great inaugural post.

  9. Web 3.0 as of right now is pretty much useless and all talk. It definitely doesn’t live up to what web 2.0 was.

  10. This all really does sum up my experience with DeFi. Unless it’s a simple swap you will lose money most often unfortunately. I’ve lost so much…


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