Everybody should try trading crypto

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want anybody to go all in with their house, car, life savings, shoes, dog and soul of their first born child. It’s a pure gamble until you are actually doing it professional as a half time / full time job.

But just doing it with a **demo account / test account** or little pocket money you are 100% ready to gamble can give you experience judging the price movement way better.

**And most importantly: you really get numb to red numbers.** Seriously, if you’ve got a trade open and it falls -90% just to bounce and go back up into profit without you panic selling might be an experience that helps you through worst times with your actual crypto holdings. Leverage is basically your normal crypto chart on crack. Like 5x fast foreword compared to normal.

Also, you realize very quickly **how stupid degenerate gambling it is to use high leverage on a volatile asset.** When a single candle is printed and your entire position got liquidated.

You also gain **practical experience** moving assets around from exchange to exchange or wallet / hardware wallet.
And you might also learn a lot about market psychology, live price movement and find indicators to improve your DCA! Why small cap coins move so much different then the top once. How specific crypto reacts to specific news or other asset movement.

And hey who knows! Maybe you actually get lucky and end up in profit. But you probably won’t but at least learned something.

TL;DR: I just personally think trading crypto is a fundamental part of the entire crypto system. While it provides liquidity for assets to stay more stable you can also learn a lot of new things about any crypto out there.

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14 thoughts on “Everybody should try trading crypto”

  1. It took me months and an embarrassing amount of money to realize trading isn’t for me. I’m sure for some it is, but when I look back at some of the prices I sold things for compared to what they are now, I kick myself. I’ve adopted a buy and hold mentality with a structured DCA out plan.

  2. You should probably advise about the fees…newcomers getting blindsided by fees or even just getting to a wallet to use the crypto really turns people off to crypto. I personally think excessive fees is the weak spot that will hinder crypto.

  3. Trading is not for everyone – but just gotta say to those that do, **what a month July has been…** great volatility; I hope you have faired well too, it’s been a good one!

    Most people should try paper trading/trial accounts to learn that leveraged day trading is NOT for them as the OP said – and just stick to simple spot trading/buys and building their stacks.

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more it’s like a nice good test run time to get your shit together. Oh boy here comes a nice little dip be back later

  5. Paper trade until you get it right. Read read read. Learn everything you can about what you are investing in as well as market psychology. Thanks for the post OP

  6. Agreed. Paper trade, try to learn what the charts are saying. Learn the base concepts of technical analysis. Don’t be the guy that always buys the top because he doesn’t know what he’s putting money into.

  7. Preaching to the choir here. Wouldnt reccomend trying to convince others of it unless you wanna be that guy when they lose 5%.


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