Evergrande hasn’t even defaulted yet and China is starting it’s rhetoric about Taiwan again

We all know what’s happening in the world today and it may be hard to keep up but with one major war breaking out and one looking like it’s on the way, it is total chaos out there right now.

Guess what else? The Fed is looking to raise interest rates. This all is leading to a perfect storm for a perfect crash; or is it?

Buy the dip? Hodl? Sell now and come in later when it’s lower? Sell now and don’t come back to crypto ever again?

I have no idea. You do you, but remember to keep that all in mind when deciding what you’re next investment move is going to be.

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35 thoughts on “Evergrande hasn’t even defaulted yet and China is starting it’s rhetoric about Taiwan again”

  1. Evergrande was given 6 months to breathe starting January 14, 2022.
    We will hear about it again in a couple of months.
    They need to pay $4 billion dollars soon so they are still fucked.

  2. Evergrande and Taiwan are two distinct, yet important, issues.

    If the international community is weak in its response to Russia, then that will incentivise China to invade Taiwan.

  3. In war news I almost forgot about this Evergrande FUD and then there’s FED interest hike coming soon

    We are so doomed.

  4. Evergrande disappeared from the news all together as China always had a plan to bail it out. I was trying to point it out few times…

  5. I think China maybe believes that banning BTC is like a password that expires if you don’t change it every couple of months.

  6. I’m hodling but could definitely see the wisdom in selling and getting in cheaper. Depends how much more fud is coming. I don’t want the risk so just hodl and I’ll sell next time we hit ATH, however far away that is.

  7. People is already bullish cos a 2% up. This is not FUD anymore. The war is real. And still two nice weeks until March to see max pain and alts being obliterated

  8. You’ll be discouraged to know that Evergrande isn’t the only time bomb sitting over there.


    I too know shit about fuck, and what I’m going to say next is not financial advice. More than ever, its important to recognize that while the market may present wonderful buying opportunities, that you should never throw money into the market that you can’t afford to invest. In the current environment, we have the chance to see some shit that many of us have not seen before. I was alive for the .com crash and graduated right into the ’08 crash, but I believe this has the potential be far worse. Make sure you’re good IRL before you start throwing more money in crypto.

  9. I just DCA when I can.

    Look at charts out of morbid curiosity. But no immediate plans to sell at this time.

    So just slowly buy, regardless of price, because I don’t know what else to do.

  10. Fck China and fck Evergrande
    People should ignore the FUD and keep investing
    I’m going all in on low mcaps projects from solanaprime right now

  11. The only accurate part of what you posted is “I have no idea”.

    Walk me through how Evergrande has something to do with Taiwan.

  12. In a few months when we will start forgetting about Feds interest rates and Ukraine war they will come with this FUD. Sometimes I think that powerful people have an story line already written.


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