Ethereum not transiting to proof-of-stake in 2017-2019 is now dangerous to crypto as a whole.

I think we can all agree Crypto has had an amazing year in 2020-2022, with many new projects launching, countries accepting it, making legal tender, Companies putting BTC on their balance sheets… However, there is a massive looming threat it’s called Ethereum Merge.

As of now, ETH is now linked to many DEXs, ERC-20 tokens, Cross-chains to other Crypto projects, etc. If a bug brings down the ETH 2.0, welp that’s going to wreck the entire market. Hoping that this doesn’t happen but what the ETH Devs are doing is changing out a Ferri engine on a racetrack going 120 MPH. the chance of failure is there. It happened to Polygon and SOL.

Had ETH kept the schedule(or some kind of it) building it out in 2018 and deploying in 2019 during the lul time. Even if it broke, I honestly believe it would have done far better in the bull run and without killer high network fees that turned new users off. Instead, they worked on PoW EIPs in ETH such as EIP1559 others that don’t carry over to PoS. Delaying the merge so long has now put the entire Crypto market at risk, not just Ethereum.

Ethereum has a one-two punch to kill the space.

The massive transition from #2 PoW coin to #2 PoS coin. No slow bleed, No slow switch off, just a “Hey we may merge around this date” with a killswitch (Iceage).

Should a bug or attack happen to [Eth that breaks the network]( it won’t hurt ETH. It hurts all coins linked to ETH, with a high possibility of billions of dollars being wiped out.

Guess we’ll see this year.

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27 thoughts on “Ethereum not transiting to proof-of-stake in 2017-2019 is now dangerous to crypto as a whole.”

  1. There is such a thing called a testnet, that the merge is being tested on.

    It did not deploy before exactly because it was not fully tested and mature.

    You are basically saying it would have been better to deploy with bugs.

  2. Invest in cardano. Not even trying to shill but it’s the best eth competition there is and it’s rapidly growing.

  3. The hell is this? EIP1559 absolutely carries over to PoS. They have a test net they don’t just push straight to main net… you are kinda clueless and your random capitalization of words like crypto suggest you aren’t very bright.

  4. This is a legitimate concern. And why eth will continue to delay the merge

    Edit: it’s not dangerous to cryptos future though, just ethereums future

  5. Let’s see if they can actually set a hard deadline for the merge before we start worrying about if it will transition smoothly. It could still be years before there is an attempt to merge.

  6. Anything goes wrong with merge. vitalik head be on the line there is nothing wrong with pow why mess with the main core principles

  7. You read my mind! I didn’t realize how many cryptocurrencies are ERC-20 tokens until I purchased a few of them on If Ethereum goes down, every ERC-20 token goes down with it including 39 billion dollars worth of Tether.

  8. Venture capitalists initially funded this coin, they are the biggest gainers, unlike Satoshi whose wallet hasn’t moved since inception


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