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I’m mining on 2miners and was just part of a block that contained ~150ETH. A normal block contains 2ETh + MEV + Txn Fees. Unfortunately I only had a 0.0001% share at the moment, but I still managed to walk away with 0.00015 ETH or around $0.50. From that single block with a minimal share.

The total price of the block was ~$465k, and there was 1.9 ETH burned along with it!

Looking back around that same time there are a few other blocks that are huge as well, but this one was the biggest. Check them out here, any ideas where these huge blocks came from? And on that note got me thinking, what’s the biggest blocks you’ve seen in recent days/weeks?

Block #s: 14213291, 14213290, 2, 3, and then a couple after have 30-60 ETH rewards as well.

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