ERGO full market report (D.Y.O.R) … Enjoy!

Here you have the summary for the Ergo report (D.Y.O.R). Due to the length (23 pages) and complexity of the report, you can see here only the summary with the conclusions.

Your feedback is appreciated! It helps us create a better structure and content.

Full report: [

If you are interested in seeing more reports, you can find us at [r/runus](

The whole structure and grading system of the report has been changed after the feedback we got in the previous reports. Updating all the existing reports takes time.

Disclaimer!: **The HODL meter** has little correlation with the confidence meters. The **confidence meters** as you will see in the report are analyzing the project from a non-investment perspective to check if we shall trust the project and its “story”. The HODL meter takes into consideration the current global monetary policy, the current market trend in different markets, the macroeconomic situation worldwide, and consumer perception.

Thanks for your time!

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21 thoughts on “ERGO full market report (D.Y.O.R) … Enjoy!”

  1. Nice one!

    Some clarifications

    – There was no ICO, VC funding, or private investment.
    – Non-outsourceability was turned off due to people using smart-contracts to avoid it. “Bypassing Non-Outsourceable Proof-of-Work Schemes Using Collateralized Smart Contracts”
    – (which means 12 mining pools – not miners)
    – There is an interpreter in Rust too, only the smart-contracts are using ErgoScript.
    – Circulating supply is incorrect, please use coingecko. CMC is notoriously bad and won’t update ours.
    – [new roadmap]( (new website is almost done)
    – community should be 100% (r/ergonauts)

  2. Technology should score 100. Ergo is the most modern version of PoW, created by the smartest devs in the industry, backed by a decentralization obsessed community.

  3. some people (including me) bought ERGO at $18, it is now $5

    If you believe in the project, good for you.

    If not…you need to figure it out.

  4. Glad to see ERG posts in here. It’s been seeing some gains these past couple weeks. I’ve still got a ways to go to break even but I’m patient

  5. Next do a report on a those fanboy coins like DOGE, APE or Shib. Curios to see how they match against the reports with other coins

  6. It’s not even a day that the market has turned “bullish” again and the ERGO shit shills already have started. Interesting that we did not see a single post about it when we were crabbing. I wonder when CKB and LTO shills come out.

    How hard will the ERGO cult try to make ERGO a thing, when it is not?

  7. All im saying is I made a bet with a friend that safemoon would outperform Ergo over a six month period and I won. Ergo was so very over shilled on Reddit last year

  8. Lol and we are back to hyping up shit coins now there are green days.
    One of the most hyped coins here on Reddit , so that means stay far away from this.

  9. I did my research and I tried to use the ERGO DEX for the first time last week. I provided liquidity (about 40 ERGO and the equivalent in SIGUSD). Everything was smooth with the nautilus wallet, yoroi would not sync.

    I waited a week, and took my liquidity out. There is no way to see what you have earned, or what is accumulating, so I got curious about it.

    The result: I lost 7 ERGO, accumulated nothing, then had to trade my SIGUSD back to ERG. They have no “zap” feature. Roughly lost about 70 bucks, and gained absolutely nothing by providing liquidity.

    ALL and ALL garbage experience. Maybe ERGO has potential? I have a bunch, but “using” it on its platform was not positive.

    Cardanos minswap was the oppositie. It was profitable, and worked out well.


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