Eight months ago, I combed through all the posts here to find the subs most despised coins. I combined into a single awful folio. This is an update on the FOLIO OF HATE. How much do you want it to fail? Does it still make you angry?

Good morning all,

We’re in a bear market. Shit sucks. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun right?

For those that were around at the beginning of the year, you might remember that I created this. The FOLIO OF HATE. I invested (yolo’d?) $100 into this subs most hated coins. Some coins are hated because of utility, some because of corruption, some because of the the shills. Whatever the reason, I decided to act on the theory that this sub can actually pick winners by investing into the ones that we all hate the most.

So, $100 was invested on the same day to each of the ten coins/tokens. Here is how it has fared.

[Folio of Hate](

**Down 60% or $600 in eight months.**

What about the individual results? Surely they’re not all bad? Right?

**Best performer:** USDT -0.06 %

**Worst performer:** LRC -81.05 %

**Surprise Performer:** BNB -46.23%

[ Folio of Hate Individual Performance](

Despite the savagery of the capitulation and bear market, there are some interesting observations.

Personal points of interest:

* Binance is the best none-stablecoin performer. This could be connected to the collapse of other exchanges/lenders.
* Investing in Dogecoin – was a better investment than top guns Solana and Cardano.
* Solana performed equally as bad as Safemoon
* Tether – FUCKING TETHER – was the folios best performer. Props to [u/entschida]( for getting that one right.

I am aware that perceptions and opinions shift over time, so it is of course possible that we hate these coins more than ever.

Finally, the sentiment for crypto.com (or Cronos) has drastically shifted over the past eight months. If I were to create this folio today, CDC would definitely have a place in it.

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27 thoughts on “Eight months ago, I combed through all the posts here to find the subs most despised coins. I combined into a single awful folio. This is an update on the FOLIO OF HATE. How much do you want it to fail? Does it still make you angry?”

  1. Wow how did I catch this post in new? The whole market is down I don’t think losses 40-60% are that uncommon. How do they look in relation to BTC or ETH?

  2. That’s… incredibly interesting to see: putting your $$$ on the line in the name of the scientific method is very cool.

    Thanks for sharing… and keep us updated!

  3. Very surprised Doge outperformed Sol and Ada…your experiment shows that crypto is literally IMPOSSIBLE to know exactly what’s going to happen. Mucho volatilio!

  4. Some of my best gains have been from the coins/tokens this community talks shit on. After all, this subreddit is pushing an agenda like any other. It’s been entertaining to watch it change over the years. Even seen years of shit talking a coin in here, to years later trying their ass off to pump it. Fucking cracks me up. I definitely leave a small % of my portfolio open just for said like investments in this post.

  5. Why does everyone hate BNB? It’s got a strong correlation to Bitcoin with a decent multiplier so if BTC goes up, BNB takes a big jump too (historically speaking).

    BNB + ETH are actually the two best altcoins.

  6. Problem with safemoon is that it actually already was down 70% when you invested in it so it actually did alot worse than solana . Source: i invested in it last year april and felt the pain . But dw i got out and i feel alot smarter now

  7. It is rather ironic that the worst performer is the project shilled here the most over the recent year: LRC. What a surprise.

  8. > LRC -81.05 %

    My biggest regret in crypto, not selling LRC when it was at $3.80 or similar. Timed everything else to perfection. But then greed. Bleh.

  9. BNB is absolutely no surprise with its performance. With Bonance Visa reward tiers tied to BNB, everyone wanted to buy cheap BNB at the bottom of the bear to get to a higher tier cheap.

    Why BNB is “hated” I dont understand, though. Its by far one of the cryptos with the most utility.

  10. From an investment perspective it is just stupid to hate on BNB. If you generally think crypto has a future, then BNB is a no-brainer, because Binance will always be in a lead position. If Binance fails, we are all fucked up big time anyways…

  11. Like the concept and thanks for YOLO-ing in $1000! I hope you do get back your money eventually. There are some solid projects in there that should do well next bullrun. XRP alone should be able to save this portfolio when Ripple settles (or the court case ends favorably). Thanks for comparing it to Cardano as wel. Me myself am largely in red because of Vechain, even though I still support this project a lot.


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