Earn 12.8% APY Matic for Aussies (lend to CoinSpot exchange)

Just letting any Aussie out there know that is holding some Matic and wants to lend it and earn some extra Matic. You can do it through the CoinSpot exchange. They have expanded their offerings of more coins that you can lend to them to earn crypto. No lockup period, the rewards are paid daily into your account and there is no fee to start lending and stop lending to the exchange.

I used to lend it to crypto dot com but they significantly reduced their rates around the same time that they reduced the rates of cashback via their crypto card with their CRO coin.


[APY rates for lending various coins on CoinSpot](

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18 thoughts on “Earn 12.8% APY Matic for Aussies (lend to CoinSpot exchange)”

  1. Thanks for the post. I stopped using coinspot years ago because of their fees but I know heaps of Aussie beginners still go through coinspot first

  2. How on earth are you going to promote lending right now with everything that’s happened recently? Especially on a POS coin you can stake

  3. Very dangerous time to lend your coins. I would especially not be risking Matic right now which could explode in the future

  4. >let us gamble your coins away like the rest of the “investment” services

    No thanks, I’m plenty well capable of gambling my own money away.


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