Don’t get too pressed on ETH2.0. Vitalik himself admitted on the Bankless podcast that it may take 6 years for it to full be completed.

Chill out and take your time cause its most probable that ETH2.0 in its final form will take years to be completed.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll have to wait 6 years to have a highly performing Ethereum network.

The main focus, as Vitalik stated, should be 2 things:

• The move to PoS

• Sharding

Any additional features are just polishing the network to make it as perfect as possible.

In the meantime, Vitalik is solely focused on Zk rollups as the future of scalability for Ethereum.

This decision to build around rollups came back in 2020 when Vitalik wrote an article titled “A roll-up-centric ethereum roadmap” where he explained how Ethereum would be all in on rollup tech (Give it a read its very interesting).

I guess this is why he’s so fond of MATIC recently considering they’ve invested into every single ZK rollup tech available on the market and have proven to be top dogs when it comes to scalability.

So while the final stage or ETH2.0 might take a while, we should soon start seeing a lot more improvement from both Ethereum and side chains like Polygon.

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35 thoughts on “Don’t get too pressed on ETH2.0. Vitalik himself admitted on the Bankless podcast that it may take 6 years for it to full be completed.”

  1. Yeah, there are zero finished blockchains. He’s talking about until every single bell and whistle is done, not “when eth 2 is coming.” When PoS and sharding is here he mentions it’s already 80 percent done.

  2. To quell some doubts/fears.. “ETH2.0” is just not a thing anymore. The Foundation has changed up the nomenclature and marketing surrounding the Ethereum roadmap.

    ## Oh no, my staked ETH!

    Once the merge with beacon chain happens (Ethereum going from PoW to PoS.. originally billed as ETH2.0) their first priority will be enabling withdrawals. The merge is slated for Q2/Q3 2022, with withdrawals slated for ~6 months after the merge.

    ## Gas Concerns

    Ethereum gas is never going to be cheap again. It’s time to face the music and move funds to your L2 of choice. In fact, lately has has been about as cheap as it ever will be moving forward.. now, while the market is going bear mode, is generally a great time to move your funds.

    ### The Merge and Gas

    The merge won’t lower gas fees. Block validation times will be reduced by ~1sec, but that will likely have minimal effects on gas prices.

    ### Sharding and Gas

    Sharding, originally planned to reduce gas across the board, has been changed. The Ethereum roadmap is entirely layer-2 centric, and as such **danksharding** is the way forward, which will really only lower gas costs for L2s. Sharding will probably arrive in 2023 – 2024.

    ### Other fun things

    There are further network optimizations planned further down the road. They are all designed around decreasing gas costs, decreasing state bloat, and making Ethereum a much more lightweight network to help with decentralization. These are all planned for 2024 on.

    [Vitalik’s Roadmap Diagram](

  3. I take comfort in the way Vitalik speaks. He’s reasonable, but optimistic at the same time. He sees all potential possibilities when it comes to the future of ETH, crypto, and finance overall… and seems to be an authentic, good person.

  4. “Ethereum 2.0” is deprecated nomenclature.

    Even still, Eth 2.0 was always synonymous with “Ethereum roadmap”.

    Every half decent project has a roadmap that is many years long

  5. Maybe I’m being stupid but I thought ETH 2 was supposed to be out at the end of last year?

    Also, RIP all those Coinbase users that have perma-staked their ETH with the promise that they will get it back when ETH 2 is released…

  6. Yeah I don’t think anyone expected the project to be fully completed in 2022 but everyone is looking forward to the PoS transition, the rest is just optimizing.

  7. How long it takes no longer matters. ETH is established, ETH is just as secure an investment as Bitcoin in my opinion. I stake everything and it will be a glorious day when Vitalik has realized his vision. 1 year, 5 years, … no matter. Everyone should have ETH in their portfolio.

  8. The only thing that eth 2.0 will bring with the merge right now is the so called “halving” wich will reduce incoming supply and with the eth burning we could see eth go deflationary for a while, if gas fees stay high.

  9. Plz be aware after the merge.. Ethdenver this week.. Vdog himself says the merge won’t increase tps nor lower gas fees. Look to sharding instead. Meanwhile eth will be good terms esg wise

  10. All blockchains are years (decades in some cases) from their potential, ETH just has a head start.

    If you think the projects you’re investing in are at their full potential and their networks are in their final form, why invest in them?


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