Don’t blow it all off, it can always go lower

I have fell victim to this far too many times. Seeing a dip and blowing my monthly DCA all in that one dip and then there is another dip followed by another one and another one so on and so forth. You do not want to be like me. This might just be the start of the dips. Continue with your DCA strategies.

I know this dip looks attractive but do not let it lead you to a wrong decision. Do not borrow money for buying the dips cause things can get pretty nasty and it will give you a lot of unnecessary stress. Never invest with money that is not yours and money that you cannot afford to lose. Yes, there might be a pump later and you will look like a genius but remember there is no guarantee of a pump afterwards. If there isn’t for an extended amount of time. Then you have put yourself in a situation that I will not wish for my worst enemies too.

There might be another dip and this might just be the start. The sales look juicy, I know, but remember to always put your emotions aside when you are investing. ***I wish you all the best!***

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21 thoughts on “Don’t blow it all off, it can always go lower”

  1. Your DCA should be on a set schedule so you can’t make the decision to “blow it”. The whole point having a DCA schedule is that you acknowledge you can’t time the market and can only hope to grab at all levels

  2. Look into the stats.

    Buying the Dip is the worst strategy.

    DCA is much better.

    If you have a little cash on the sidelines if a massive crash comes to pick up cheap coin then fine, but don’t wait for it to happen.
    Stack those coins.


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